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Rugby league

Moana target 2025 World Cup

11 November 2022


Moment of truth at COP27

12 November 2022


We’re halfway there!

16 November 2022


From the river to the ocean

18 November 2022


Letters to the Editor

LETTER TO EDITOR: Homosexual Law reform remains in limbo

‘Science shows us that people are born LGBTQ+’

Letters to the Editor

‘Vicious and uncivilised’ marijuana laws

Dear Editor, Did you know that under the Ministry of Health Act 2013 that marijuana fits the description of a medicine? In the Act it reads in part that, “Medicine means any substance whether of animal, plant or synthetic origin which is used internally or externally for alleviating disease”.

Avana coastal protection – it’s in the bag

Local environment group Te Ipukarea Society is trying to prevent the Avana lagoon claiming back what was taken. By Kelvin Passfield.


LETTERS: Delaying debate on same-sex rights

"The government’s deferral of accepting same sex relationships will make them the laughing stock, so to speak, of the world."

Letters to the Editor

OPINION: The case against PACER Plus - the regional free trade agreement

PACER Plus, the regional free trade agreement, will come into force next month. In this first of a three-article series, Adam Wolfenden of Trade Justice Campaigner for the Pacific Network on Globalisation writes about the case against this trade deal.


LETTER: What are the effects of water treatment on Rarotonga's streams?

"Freshwater streams are not used as drain for water treatment residuals in New Zealand - or in Australia. There is no scientific research on the long-term effects of PACl waste on stream life."

Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Landowner concerns with water treatment

"The landowners who do not oppose government were invited. As an intake landowner, and Takau Rangatira, I was not notified. I was not invited to witness chemicals being added."

Letters to the Editor

OPINION: A move towards safer pesticide alternatives

Ministry of Agriculture’s director of crop research William Wigmore describes the country’s collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and efforts to improve food safety in the country.


The story of MV Taunga Nui

The MV Taunga Nui - owned by Cook Islands General Transport - will arrive in Rarotonga on Thursday after a two-week long delivery voyage from Australia. Derek Fox writes about the vessel and its planned role to support projects in the Pa Enua.


Recognising excellence within the tourism industry

In a year marred by Covid-19, the biennial tourism awards next month will be something for the industry members to celebrate for.


OPINION: Anger from fear and worry

People attack rather than embrace, and they end up with miscommunication and distrust, writes People attack rather than embrace, and they end up with miscommunication and distrust. By Ruta Tangiiau Mavé.


LETTER: Treatment of Rarotonga’s water supply

"Ozone is far more powerful than chlorine and there is no residual foul taste, and while I am certain the authorities would have considered it, it would have been ruled out for no other reason that it would require the electrification of all ten intakes and the impact of that cost on what was already an embarrassment would have been untenable."

Letters to the Editor

OPINION: The perils of political appointments

Political appointments damage not only the integrity of our democracy but also the integrity of whichever Ministry they work in, writes Thomas Tarurongo Wynne.


OPINION: Pictures that speak for themselves

Photography can make a big impact in many ways. Just one photo can expose environmental problems like nothing else, writes Kate McKessar of Te Ipukarea Society.


LETTER: Treating drinking water using ozone

"We have the unique opportunity of not only getting into the 20th century but also the 21st century by using ozone to treat our water"

Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Te Mato Vai - Dealing with ‘shoddy’ pipework

"So tragic and so avoidable ... a water system, especially in a climate where winter frost protection isn’t a problem, is a simple thing. With materials meeting the standards of Canada, the USA, etc., a domestic water distribution system should require little to no significant maintenance for 50 years or more."

Letters to the Editor

OPINION: The true cost of time theft in the public sector

Ordinary staff members are not the only ones that steal time, some heads of ministries are taking longer than normal lunch breaks and morning and afternoon tea breaks. By Te Tuhi Kelly.


Letter: Independence and integrity of Government institutions

"The rental of the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance’s private property to the Chamber of Commerce in Tutakimoa borders on a potential and/or direct conflict of interest clouded under the guise of Covid-19 assistance to the community."

Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Art for art’s sake

"Sitting watching Tereora school prize giving, is a far cry from the formal staid prizegiving I attended in Auckland last year for my daughter," writes Ruta Tangiiau Mavé.


Letter: ‘Set the record straight’

The transparent and accountable process which the late prime minister and minister of Police Jim Marurai insisted be used to select a new Police Commissioner should set an example for the government, writes Opposition MP William Heather.

Letters to the Editor

Tanga’eo takes the manu crown in Te Ipukarea Society's Bird of the Year competition

These past two weeks has had everyone in a flap, as Cook Islanders flocked to the online polls to vote for our first ever Bird of the Year Cook Islands competition. Kate McKessar explains.


OPINION: The health vs wealth trade-off

As a potential travel bubble is in the works, Thomas Tarurongo Wynne examines the benefits and consequences of opening the border to tourists.


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