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LETTERS: Illegal use of marijuana

Saturday 12 March 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Illegal use of marijuana

Dear Editor, it is really annoying to read in your column about letters from MPs and people with high status in the community supporting the illegal use of marijuana (Cannabis accused gets letter of support from Aitutaki MP, March 2, 2022).

We already have a huge problem of alcohol abuse and now some people want to legalise marijuana, do you really believe the use of marijuana is a good thing?

Get real guys, the medical experts say otherwise, lets trust them instead of our MPs and some know it all scientist.

I’m not voting for those MPs that support (the alleged) criminals.

(Name and address supplied)

Breaking isolation

People will always break the (isolation and quarantine) rules, because they all know nothing is going to happen.

The system is always been all talk no action, when we set a system, we should follow through otherwise why make the rules in the first place.

This is why the public has no confidence in any government decision made these days.

Drink driving accidents is still happening today, laws are in place but nobody is following it. I guess it is what it is.

Pa Matapo


Why charge our people (for isolation breach)? The tourist who brought this maki to our island are running around free and unrestricted.

Every person including the tourist who flew here when our borders opened tested negative prior to boarding. The cases started from that tourist who brought it here.

Our people been coming home through the border closure without a single case. As soon as we opened to the tourist, what happened?

Do you think our people are responsible for the over 200 cases and rising on our island and now Aitutaki and they should be penalised?

Mark Rere


A tourist is referred to as a ‘foreigner’. Now, the person who carried the virus while in the Cooks was a local, and not a ‘tourist’. A misuse of term there.

I’m not saying that our people are responsible for the active cases, but that’s not to say we aren’t either. There are ways to prevent the spread and realistically, not everyone (myself included) have not carried out the right safety measurements. For instance, mask wearing. I have seen a bunch of people wear their masks incorrectly despite the many ads we have plastered everywhere with regards to how one should wear a mask.

Another example is sanitising. Often, we forget to sanitise when entering and exiting a retail business etc.

People are also out there greeting one another as per our normal way i.e. a kiss on the cheek.

Don’t you think we play a part in the vast spread of the virus?

No one should be penalised but if you are in isolation or quarantine and you breach that, how selfish would you be to do so.

A penalty is only a fair way of ensuring that doesn’t happen again.

Lily Paia