‘I am woman, hear me roar’

An official parade attended by dignitaries, past police commissioners and police personnel was held yesterday morning to mark the 50th anniversary of women in Cook Islands Police.


Are Taunga of Araura - 'We invest our Ariki in our traditional procedures'

The investiture of the second Tamatoa Ariki was held last week, just over a month after Taraota Tom was invested with the title on the island of Aitutaki. House of Ariki, the parliamentary body composed of Cook Islands high chiefs, refused to attend both investitures because of the "ongoing dispute over the title". But the sub chiefs backing the newly-crowned Tamatoa Ariki Teao Tangaroa say they will decide the legitimate holder.

Palmerston remembers Prince Philip's 1971 visit

The people of Palmerston Island took a day off from work yesterday to pay respect to the late Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.


Covid mass testing lab won't be ready when country 'opens for business'

Prime Minister Mark Brown's date for a two-way travel bubble on May 1 will come before the country has a rapid Covid-19 testing system.


He is the way, the truth and the life

To believe the gospel is to put faith in Him who is himself the Gospel, and faith in Christ is faith in God, writes Reverend Vaka Ngaro of Cook Islands Christian Church.

Church Talk

Mutiny on the Vaka? The story of unescorted Mangaian sea voyage

Almost 30 years ago, a Mangaian vaka set sail for Rarotonga with no electronic or navigational aids, no captain and no escort vessel. The vaka was ‘missing’ for two days and a night and mounting concerns for the crew’s safety sparked an air and sea search. Here the vaka’s navigator, the late Ma’ara Peraua, and crew member Maire Kareroa record their memories of the voyage, while extracts from Rod Dixon’s 1992 diary describe reactions on the ground in Mangaia.


Aitutaki plans major celebration to mark 200 years of Christianity

Religion is one of the strong foundations of the Cook Islands culture. Christianity arrived here in 1821 and played a major part in shaping the future of this country and its people.


The Ocean’s Youngest Monsters Are Ready for Glamour Shots

Divers practicing blackwater photography are helping marine scientists gain new insights into fish larvae. By Erik Olsen from The New York Times.


One year inside the Cook Islands Covid-free bubble

Curiosity, fear, uncertainty, hardship, perseverance, isolation, hope, strength of community – Cook Islands News looks back at 12 months of Covid-19.


50 years of women in policing

Fifty years ago, two young women Jane Tauariki Tuavera and Makirua Luka graduated in the Cook Islands Police on March 29th 1971 – they paved the way for women policing in the country.


‘Work here and enjoy living here’

Artist Joan Gragg reveals the beauty of everyday life in the Cook Islands in her latest collection of paintings.


RECIPE: Island's fun flavour for the perfect traditional breakfast

A traditional Cook Islands breakfast is a most enjoyable and fun-flavoured effort. By Mereana Hutchinson.


The Deepest Diver in the History of Free Diving Goes Below the Ice

When the champion free diver Alexey Molchanov stepped onto ice on Lake Baikal in southern Siberia on March 16, the sky was cobalt blue. The sun illuminated the surrounding mountains, the wind was light and the air a balmy minus 10 Celsius. It was the perfect day for a swim, and an opportunity to break yet another world record. Via The New York Times.


Underneath the Mango Tree

Mango trees, like their famous palm tree counterparts in Pacific folklore, are a quixotic icon of Island fantasy, their imposing physical stature and delicious, fragrant fruit have few equals.


Local gallery participates in Auckland Art Fair in the midst of Covid pandemic

Cook Islands’ Bergman Gallery was again the only Pacific based gallery that took part in the Auckland Art Fair at the centre of the community Covid-19 outbreak. By Rachel Smith.


Can customs ensure conservation?

A recent confrontation between a Government MP and a Rarotonga market stall operator over the harvesting of Avake (sea urchin) has revived calls to give traditional conservation practices greater authority by incorporating them into law.


A woman of many talents

Meeting British royalty – Prince Edward, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, working as a radio announcer/reporter and acting are a few highlights of Tereapii Enua’s inspiring life.


RECIPE: The many uses of breadfruit

There are many ways to use breadfruit in your cooking, and baked kuru chips with curried lentil soup is one of my favourites, writes Alana Fonmanu.


The New York Times in the Cook Islands News

As of late, our digital readers may have noticed some interesting content on cookislandsnews.com.


‘We need to continue to commit to helping build an inclusive world’

International Women’s Day (IWD) began in 1911 and was officially adopted by the United Nations (UN) in 1975. It is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. On Monday the local women groups celebrated the event with presentations from six inspirational members who spoke on the theme #ChooseToChallenge.


More than a job

Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency’s Moana Voices series on women shaping the future of oceanic fisheries is edited, researched and produced by Lisa Williams.


‘One of a kind’ Mama Ngai Tupa

The late Ngaingatara Tupa also known as Mama Ngai wore many hats during her lifetime.


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