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21 September 2021


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Salt in their blood - The story of early Cook Islanders at sea

Cook Islands sailors were highly respected for their seafaring skills. As competitors in Australian surf boat carnivals, they were unbeatable.


Covid lockdown leads to ‘Our little big trip’

A young New Zealand family’s plans for a worldwide trip is grounded before taking off due to Covid-19 lockdowns, bringing them to Rarotonga where they’re enjoying much comfort and stability.

CHURCHTALK: The parables of Jesus Christ

Those who understand the parables of Jesus are genuinely blessed. Not only do they gain the benefit of the spiritual truth illustrated, but they also display some measure of responsiveness to the Holy Spirit.

Church Talk

Gallery owner pays tribute to legendary artist

Internationally-renowned Kiwi artist Billy Apple had been scheduled to land on Rarotonga today for his second exhibition in the Cook Islands. Apple died after a short illness at his Auckland home on Monday. Rarotonga Bergman Gallery owner Ben Bergman connected with Apple over several years and shares his memories of the artist with Al Williams.


CHURCHTALK: Patience that never quits

The real meaning of eternal life is a life that can face anything it has to face without wavering, without shortcuts and with a mind already set on the Beholder, Creator and Giver of life, Jesus Christ, writes Bishop Tutai Pere.

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Group dedicated to solving disputes through mediation

An organisation has been set up to provide an alternative way of resolving dispute – through the use of mediation, a process that is not common in the country, but ‘very effective’.


National security – an evolving concern

With Cold War tensions easing and the Pacific Islands becoming increasingly interconnected with the broader world, however, there was growing concern that threats to our way of life and even the existence of our countries could come from various places and take various forms, writes Dr Jim Gosselin.


Building a new icon in town

Located in the Avarua township, the soon to be completed Grand Central building is a step forward in modern development on Rarotonga. Its developer and owner hope it becomes a new icon in town.


Cook Islander takes to Youtube to spread the word on money matters

Developing and maintaining a healthy relationship with money has been a life-long goal for Gold Coast-based Cook Islander George Woonton. With help from YouTube, he’s now sharing what he’s learned along the way with the larger Pasifika community.


‘I’m in the business of trying to get justice’ says retired cop

At 77, former police officer and author Rod Henderson shows no sign of slowing down in his quest to analyse and solve crime. Al Williams reports.


CHURCH TALK: Hypocrisy – the evil within

When we spend time alone and quietly look at our life, what do we see? What is it that makes up our interior life? Is it love or evil? By Bishop Paul Donoghue of the Catholic Church.

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Mini pineapple meringue pies - a perfect treat for Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and I know there are a few people trying to organise that special treat for a father figure in their lives. For my family, we will be getting together with another close family to celebrate this day and that’s because, these two fathers like to chill out together, writes Chef Rangi Mitaera-Johnson.


Resting in sunlit seas

Olly Silk sailed into Rarotonga in 1959 and 62 years later she was returned to the deep big blue, with her burial at sea on Wednesday.


As assistance rolls in, business community ponders what it will take to get by

After the travel bubble commenced in May, Kiwi visitors began visiting in numbers that exceeded estimates. That has come to an end with NZ’s Covid-19 outbreak, and once again the industry is facing uncertainty even as government support kicks in.


Everyday phrases help Mike Tavioni teach Maori

An unconventional, fun approach to teaching Maori has taken off at Gallery Tavioni, taking place every Tuesday and Thursday for the next few weeks in an attempt to preserve the important role of language in culture.


CHURCHTALK: Prevention is far better than redemption

Let it not take a lifetime before we realise that we have been there all along, that life does not offer anything sweeter than the love of dear ones and sharing of time together, writes Angaroakau Williams – Second counselor in the District Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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‘We are adaptable... you have to keep a smile on your face and stay positive’

Common themes pop up in conversation with business operators on Rarotonga in light of a Covid-19 community outbreak involving the highly infectious Delta variant in New Zealand . . . resilience, adaptability, diversification and strength.


Christianity created a nation

“Christianity created a Nation” is a book about the arrival of the Gospel and the early Mission Years among those islands later to be known as the Cook Islands, writes author Howard Henry.


Cool, calm and collected - Tangianau Taoro is an all-rounder

President of the Cook Islands Girl Brigade Company, a senior Justice of the Peace and team leader of the recently completed Te Mato Vai water intake project, Taoro tells Melina Etches how she keep her cool to carry out her duties and responsibilities.


GO LOCAL: Entrepreneurs ready to take risks

At a time when our border link with New Zealand is up in the air creating uncertainty for many local businesses, the owners of Rarotonga’s newest café are feeling excited and optimistic about their venture.


CHURCHTALK: Finding peace in uncertain times

God did not promise that bad things will not happen to us but what He did promise was the blessings of his presence in our lives and re-assurance of salvation through eternal life in Christ Jesus, our Lord, writes Pastor Eric Toleafoa.

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Israel, once the model for beating Covid-19, faces new surge of infections

Questions are being raised about the Covid-19 vaccine’s efficacy as Israel, one of the most vaccinated societies, now has one of the highest infection rates in the world, By Isabel Kershner from the New York Times.


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