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Beetles to bolster battle against invasive tree

Introduced insects have landed on Rarotonga making it their new home in a combined effort to control an invasive tree.


$500 for lying about Covid

A Cook Islands man with a historical Covid-19 test charged with making a false declaration on a travel document gets slap on the wrist fine and name suppression.


Cash set aside for Air NZ subsidised Los Angeles, Australia routes

Amidst an environment of continued uncertainty, the Government is still banking on a positive trajectory in the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and the possible opening of tourism to additional markets.



Students full of words after dictionary donation

Each Year 9 and 10 student – close to 600 – in the schools around the Cook Islands, will receive a colourful Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary to keep, courtesy of the Rotary Club of Rarotonga.



Talent galore at badminton comp

Secondary schools from around Rarotonga came together to battle it out in the sixth Annual College Badminton Tournament held yesterday.

Other Sports

Katoa elected to global swimming body

Cook Islander Romani Katoa was elected to the bureau of the International Swimming Federation executive board, also known as FINA, over the weekend.

Other Sports

Dancing to the finish line

Bim Kiriau of Avatiu celebrates as he nears the finish line in the 4x100 metre father and son relay at the annual village competition (Kumete Games) on Monday.



KATA: Beetles for bio battle

Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Hydro pole crash a wake-up call

Daily letters for Wednesday June 9, 2021


OPINION: Live and let live

Is the world going mad? Are we making mountains out of mole hills? Can we not say or do anything anymore without offending anyone and if we do must it be the worst thing in the world? By Ruta Mave.

Church Talk

Give to God what belongs to God

No matter who we are, it is not a choice between one and the other. For the God-like person, God is the only choice. There is no second, writes Bishop Paul Donoghue of the Catholic Church.



Cook’s buses get smart

The wheels keep turning for the Cook family who have been providing public transport on Rarotonga for more than 30 years. Al Williams caught up with them at their Nikao operation.

Church Talk

CHURCH TALK: A message of encouragement – something’s better than nothing

Sometimes the enormity of the task in front of us is so daunting, so overwhelming, that getting started and staying with it can feel impossible, writes Angaroakau Williams – second counselor in the District Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


The challenges of drafting legislation in microstates

A decade ago, the powers that be decided the Cook Islands needed updated companies legislation and a digital registry of companies allowed to do business in the country. It was a ‘smart government’ initiative, where services offered by the state are efficient, cost-effective, and allow people to avoid the agony of long queues. But sometimes the best of intentions can lead to unintended consequences.


Keanui’s biodiversity bonanza

Residents often talk about Cook Islands biodiversity, but few have discovered as many unrecorded species as six-year-old Keanui Selam. His recent insect-catching expeditions led to the discovery of eight unrecorded species of Heteroptera, a group of insects known as true bugs, or typical bugs. By Gerald McCormack of the Natural Heritage Trust.



Fiji Covid-19: 94 cases, government unable to accommodate

A new daily record of Covid-19 cases has been announced in Fiji as 94 new cases in 24 hours have been confirmed.


Tongan cabinet minister convicted of major fraud

Tongan Cabinet Minister 'Akosita Lavulavu and her husband 'Etuate have been found guilty of fraud.


Family lives off biscuits as Fiji pandemic bites

Vulnerable families in Fiji are living on a tin of fish or a packet of biscuits a day as the pandemic continues to bite.