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Rugby league

Moana target 2025 World Cup

11 November 2022


Moment of truth at COP27

12 November 2022


We’re halfway there!

16 November 2022


From the river to the ocean

18 November 2022


Letters to the Editor

LETTER TO EDITOR: Homosexual Law reform remains in limbo

‘Science shows us that people are born LGBTQ+’

Letters to the Editor

‘Vicious and uncivilised’ marijuana laws

Dear Editor, Did you know that under the Ministry of Health Act 2013 that marijuana fits the description of a medicine? In the Act it reads in part that, “Medicine means any substance whether of animal, plant or synthetic origin which is used internally or externally for alleviating disease”.

Resolve to dump resolutions

It’s time to reflect on those things that give us strength, vibrance and a sense of self, says Thomas Wynne.


Ruth Mave: Dreaming of a simple Christmas

OPINION: When the nativity scene is depicted in traditional paintings, for example, it is always with soft glowing light. In the manger there’s hay, and animals including cows.


Thankfulness adds to joy of life

Flowers, now, a little browner, litter the vinyl floor. They are remnants of just moments before, when joy and thankfulness greeted each other as families and friends, came through the airport arrival doors to the welcome arms of those who had been waiting so patiently to see them.


Opinion: Ministries duck meth action

Frustration over lack of progress with drug education.


Jaewynn McKay: We're a community of givers

Small Rotary club punches well above its’ weight. Rotary came to Rarotonga in the mid-1960’s and earlier this year we celebrated our first 50 years.


Norman George: Winding down the year 2019

Agricultural production turns into a lemon, the dangers of over-eating and how to regain your fitness.


John Scott: It's votes versus principle

PM’s stance on same-sex relationships a case of “political fence-sitting, claims former Clerk of Parliament.


Ruth Mave: The characteristics of a true leader

When it comes to leadership in my family, women hold dominion, surviving and achieving through each generation.


Thomas Wynne: Changing tack – time to sail away

Life is like that; when we have a final destination in our minds and we set our course, only to find the wind we had hoped for has dissipated and we must now tack away … but the ultimate destination remains the same.


Jaewynn McKay: Tessa: A lifetime friendship that lasted just nine months

Ahead of New Zealand High Commissioner Tessa Temata’s funeral tomorrow, friends remember how she touched the lives of many.


Liz Raizis: Chemicals threaten our tourist-friendly organic future

OPINION: We need to keep our children and our islands safe from the ‘toxic soup’ of modern life.


Norman George: Nurse and teacher tucker relies on vaka swappas

OPINION: The pile of discarded MPs provide an argument for diverting capital surplus into public sector pay rises – regardless of who’s in power.


Ruth Mave: Understanding non-consensual sex

When talking about sex, we often make it easier by referring to the topic as something else, such as the ‘birds and the bees’!


Travis Moore: Criminalisation of same-sex threat to heterosexual relationships

The hero of our extended family is my gay brother. This is his story.


Thomas Wynne: A sickening legacy

In the 1840s, the early missionaries estimated the population of Rarotonga to be between 6000 and 7000.


Liz Raizis: Our Cook Islands family includes LGBTQ+ people, as well as 24 MPs

OPINION: Some years ago at The Rarotongan Beach Resort we had a wonderful poolside show every Sunday featuring the island-style choir, E Matike!


John Dunn: The case against criminalisation

An open letter to MPs: The recent recommendation from the Select Committee to maintain criminalisation of homosexuality demands comment. As a Cook Islander and New Zealander I am greatly saddened by this decision.


Jaewynn McKay : Beauty pageants not just about appearance, but also environment, culture and humanity

If “world peace” is the answer, what might the question be? Well in the movie Miss Congeniality the question was “what is the one most important thing our society needs?”


NORMAN GEORGE : A charter for government

Democratic Party to file High Court declaratory applications seeking rulings on legality of prisoner releases and post-election charter flight from Northern Group.


Opinion: Alcohol's the real danger

A billboard depicting a funeral says, ‘the problem with drink-driving is the mourning after’.


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