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Rugby league

Moana target 2025 World Cup

11 November 2022


Moment of truth at COP27

12 November 2022


We’re halfway there!

16 November 2022


From the river to the ocean

18 November 2022


Letters to the Editor

LETTER TO EDITOR: Homosexual Law reform remains in limbo

‘Science shows us that people are born LGBTQ+’

Letters to the Editor

‘Vicious and uncivilised’ marijuana laws

Dear Editor, Did you know that under the Ministry of Health Act 2013 that marijuana fits the description of a medicine? In the Act it reads in part that, “Medicine means any substance whether of animal, plant or synthetic origin which is used internally or externally for alleviating disease”.

Opinion: Mother and daughter travel afar to bring back tools for this nation

Echoing across the old wooden chamber, steeped in formality and history, the demure figure of a man dressed in red robes and a long draping wig said this.


JAEWYNN McKAY: To tinder or not to tinder

My husband finds it amusing to tell folk that I’m a “joiner” – apparently by this he means I see a queue and join it.


Ruth Tangiaau Mave: Pay our teachers well, before they leave

Mrs Mutu, one of my primary school teachers, told me underpants were invented to stop the last drop dribbling down your leg after you’ve been to the loo.


Norman George: Our Ministry of Incorrect Services

The Prison Superintendent has been made redundant with just one month’s notice. Now he’s lifting the lid on alleged failings in prison administration.


Thomas Wynne: A grand plan to extend our borders

As the Manatua Cable goes live next year, our ability to connect Cook Islanders around the world, our ability to connect changes like never before.


Jaewynn McKay: Vaccination saves kids' lives – anything else is 'clinical incompetency'

This time last week and for just a few minutes I tortured myself. With my eyes rapidly leaking over my keyboard I watched footage shot from a cellphone in a hospital in Samoa of two mothers holding their babies for the last time and struggling to let go of their lifeless bodies.


Opinion: Why our nurses need better pay

After coming close to death, Bishop Tutai Pere tells how he was nursed back to health over seven long days by the committed staff of Rarotonga Hospital.


Ruta Mave:Our nation's Mama Bears fight for their young

When men fail to stand up and be counted, a mother’s love is a fearsome sight.


Norman George: Lengthy unjustified adjournments of Parliament a thing of the past

The Sift column has always equipped itself an investigative role by an in-depth study of critical issues, involving the public interest. In other words, it will sift and sieve the facts like turning over riverbed pebbles and shingles to look for gold. Once gold is struck, there is a loud exclamation, “Gotcha!”


Opinion: We may grapple with a changing world but we must never let go of each other

Let us disagree, and disagree strongly, but never should we let go of each other in the process and see each other as enemies.


Jaewynn McKay: Some of my best friends are 'criminals'

Nelson Mandela once said, “leaders will have to give clear and decisive leadership towards a world of tolerance and respect for difference”.


Ruta Tangiiau Mavé: God created 500 species that show homosexual behaviour – what was he thinking?

Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things of sodomy, let’s talk about sex! Or so the song goes – is that what we are talking about with the laws criminalising same-sex relations?


Norman George: People of Atiu are unwilling to help themselves

The Democratic Party conference was loaded with metamorphic changes.


Opinion: Are we still not ready for change?

A list of names was left on my desk, six names of students I had to urgently meet, left by the departing school counsellor in 2011. One I would later find had suicidal tendencies, three were just struggling to be in a larger school, one had been sexually assaulted by a family member and one was gay.


Opinion: Sexual violence is the real concern

Opponents on both side of the same-sex law reform debate agree on one thing: the real concern is abuse and violence.


Norman George: The plight of Maori medicine and treatment

Pause for a moment and ask yourself, how did our ancestors survive when they got sick? Don’t say they never got sick, they did. How were they treated?


Norman George: Around town and the islands

The Cook Islands Christian Church’s National Conference was held in Atiu. Hundreds descended on the island.


Thomas Wynne: Going out on a limb, taking risks Voyaging is in our blood

Our people have not all fared well in their voyaging to Aotearoa and to Australia – but now things are beginning to change.


Opinion: Taking Mum back to Raro in 2002

My first visit to Raro will be her last.


Norman George: Crossing the red line: Be careful!

All democratic systems are guided by the rule of law. When this is broken a cascade of chaos follows. High drama and public showboating are displayed openly by the actors responsible, some of them basking in the glow of their newfound glory!


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