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LETTERS: Fuel price

Tuesday 15 March 2022 | Written by Supplied | Published in Letters to the Editor, Opinion


LETTERS: Fuel price

Dear Editor, yes, fuel (prices) will continue to rise, and so will the inflation rate, and also the cost of living across the board … sad fact of the times we live in. Government can assist with cuts in the fuel tax for starters, and that will assist the consumer/iti tangata quickly.

With Covid-19 numbers rising sharply, many families will be burdened with isolation at home – only one member of a family, be it school child, or bread winner needs to be infected, and all have to isolate. So where do they find the money to survive? There will be some government assistance, perhaps with food parcels, etc, but that remains to be seen.

One very positive way of ensuring more money stays in the wage earner’s pocket to assist with day to day living/survival, is to immediately cut that CINSF deduction back to 1 per cent. Those deductions are just continuing to go into a Black Hole somewhere, and are of no immediate benefit to the struggling people. CINSF were quick to take the deductions back to 5 per cent with no logical explanation. Let’s see how quickly they can reverse that back to 1 per cent, and really assist the iti tangata in their weekly struggle by increasing their cash in hand.

It will be interesting to see how various MPs respond to assist their constituents in a direct and practical way, let alone those in Cabinet who ultimately have to make that decision. Elections not far away, time when voters remember good things as well as bad. 

(Name and address supplied)

It’s funny how the price at the pump increases all over the world just because of war, when that same batch of fuel been sitting in each of those countries way before the war.

You would expect that the new batch of fuel will incur the price increase but nah, even pre-war fuel increased price too.

Kimi Nooroa


Before Russian forces invaded Ukraine, Russia provided one out of every 10 barrels of oil the world consumed. But as the United States and other customers shun Russian crude, the global oil market faces its greatest upheaval since the Middle East tumult of the 1970s.

Tere Mauriaiti