Patito return to Muri lagoon

Patito return to Muri  lagoon

Excavation by scraping algae off the Muri lagoon floor will be delayed until Thursday next week  to allow the harvest of the highly sought after patito sea snail, which has returned to the area for the first time in four years.

Immigration decision will be appealed

Immigration officials are expected to release by Wednesday next week a decision on the future of Samoan sportsman Afereti Iona who was convicted of common assault in the high court recently.

DPM calls emergency cabinet, caucus meeting

In an unusual move, a cabinet and Cook Islands Party caucus meeting was held at the home of deputy prime minister Teariki Heather yesterday lasting several hours.

Delay pregnancy, ministry suggests

The Ministry of Health is suggesting women in their reproductive age should consider delaying their pregnancy as the Zika virus continues to spread in the Pacific.

Top teams off to flying start

Top teams made a blistering start to their season in the mixed grade during round one of the Cook Islands Touch Association weekly competition on Wednesday.