‘You are public property’

‘You are public property’

I have been asked repeatedly to get back into writing articles in the newspapers.  I enjoy doing it, largely to let off steam and to vent my own feelings about certain public issues.  My friend John Woods invited me to get back into it, so I decided ‘why not’.

Cooks Islands deeply into drugs

I applaud the comments by my ex-police colleague and friend Rod Henderson in last Friday’s paper (Cooks easy prey for drug lords).

Is it time for a ra’ui on lagoon?

It is so easy to throw stones at others, especially when it comes to the subject of tourism, and I have been guilty of this while not looking in my own backyard and critical of practices by our own Cook Islands Maori with regard to the negative effects of tourism on our infrastructure and environment.

Dark clouds of meth loom over us

Meth is a scourge, it has wrecked my family and I have seen the damage it has done to my peer group and friends and colleagues. One sadly took his life at the end of last year and another died prematurely after complications from his addiction and in the end everyone loses.

Are we really making progress on Rarotonga?

Driving through the village of Muri I was deeply saddened to observe what Rarotonga calls progress.