‘Stupid’ helmet law has proved unenforceable

‘Stupid’ helmet law has proved unenforceable

The public debate that took place when our Fearless Leaders in parliament indicated that they would try, a second time, to introduce legislation in respect of the wearing of crash helmets was a profound debate.

Curb on tourism wrong solution

There has been much in the news since Member of Parliament, Selina Napa said we need to restrict the growth of tourism for the sake of our environment.

Old Pa Ariki palace ripe for restoration

A few weeks ago there was a news clip on TV showing the acting secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs extolling the virtues of a gift of land earmarked for an old people’s home on Rarotonga.

New schools are not up to scratch

Driving around the two new schools that are being built on the island, you have to ask who designed them and who in the Cook Islands agreed to them. 

Lagoon visit saddens scientist

CINews contributor Tom Hawkins describes a recent visit to Aitutaki, which he says left him saddened at the state of the island’s lagoon and general marine environment.

Smoke Signals

Virtues in Paradise