Biodegradable plates a pleasant surprise

Biodegradable plates a pleasant surprise

Sometimes life can drag you down and despite all your best efforts to stay positive and hopeful, you can become sceptical that things can and will change for the better and that when a person or business promises better environmental practices that they will actually follow through. 

More on Rose Brown’s move to opposition

As is the case with your letter writer, “Coming up Roses”, there are many people who know the true circumstances of opposition parliamentary leader’s Rose Brown’s decision to join forces with the members of the opposition.

How does ministry get away with it?

Your letter writer on Monday this week voiced surprise at the size of the fines imposed on two companies for failure to pass PAYE deductions on to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management.

What about award for top local coach?

Shame on our sports awards not recognising Malcolm Kaijer from tennis as coach of the year for the Cook Islands.

Unity government won’t help country

The cornerstone to a robust democracy and effective government in any country - big or small, is a proactive opposition. 

Letters to the Editor

Good on you Tapi, for telling the story

Smoke Signals

Virtues in Paradise