Final nail in coalition coffin?

Final nail in coalition coffin?

It should be clarified that the member for Teenui-Mapumai Rose Brown made her arbitrary decision to leave the Cook Islands Party following PM Puna’s “gift” of a ministerial position (complete with large salary plus all the “ministerial extras”) which was offered to the then- Demo MP Albert Nicholas of RAPPA, to actively entice him to leave the Demo Party and cross the floor, to join with the CIP government as a new Crown minister.

For those who don’t follow vaka-jumping laws

The front page story in the Saturday edition about Rose Brown shows some political hangers-on still don’t understand the law about “vaka jumping”.

Smiley not best choice to lead

The Demos have done it again.

Copy culture

Why are we copying New Zealand Maori culture?

Why Rose went back to the CIP

The Cook Islands News lead story on Saturday morning was about Atiu MP Rose Brown returning to the Cook Islands Party late last week.

Letters to the Editor

Smoke Signals

Busy section of road odd place for checkpoint

Virtues in Paradise