“Sit down boy” and “rise up the man”

“Sit down boy” and “rise up the man”

Violence is a language.  It is a language often expressed by men but also by women and its ability to communicate pain is second to none.

What children need

Children are blessings placed in our arms for protection and love. From birth, they have sensitive emotional radar, and are very aware of what is going on around them.

Courthouse steps never-ending job

The never-ending saga of the courthouse steps never seems to end, a smoke signaller says.

Maggie: ‘Call parliament or resign’

Once again I bring an important matter to the attention of the public. I want to voice my concern at the lack of sitting of parliament.

A health tragedy waiting to happen

The Health secretary’s letter published in CI News on February 13 describes a tragedy just waiting to happen. 

Letters to the Editor

Good on you Tapi, for telling the story

Smoke Signals

Virtues in Paradise