Pacific Islands Forum- Anneka Brown’s Diary: ‘Tuvalu friendly and open’

Pacific Islands Forum- Anneka Brown’s Diary: ‘Tuvalu friendly and open’

As I walk along the beach this morning to see Funafuti’s massive lagoon, there are children swimming and fishing. “There are plenty of fish in Tuvalu,” one of them tells me.

The Sift: Rollercoaster ride to Cooks’ modern self-reliant economy

In 1978 when Sir Thomas Davis’ Democratic Party took over government, there were some odd government structures that remained under New Zealand government control. The hairy hands of colonialism had to be amputated.

Pacific Islands Forum- Anneka Brown’s Diary: On the front-line

I’m excited to be a part of this year’s Pacific Islands Forum Regional Media Team going to Tuvalu.

TIS: Feeding fish can harm them

Fish viewing is a popular component of tourism in many locations around the world. It increases interaction and interest between people and marine life, can increase visitor numbers to local areas and can be an enjoyable experience for.

Editorial: The canary in the Pacific mine

The idea of placing a canary in a mine to detect carbon monoxide was first proposed by oxygen specialist John Scott Haldane, about 1913.

Letters to the Editor

Letters: Let’s learn  from a  past water  supply  tragedy

Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals