Evangelene Daniela-Wong: Life on Atiu teaches us to keep well

Evangelene Daniela-Wong: Life on Atiu teaches us to keep well

OPINION: Sailing into unknown waters naturally creates a sense of anxiety, a sense of fear that for many of us is like a dark shadow circling beneath the waters. 

Moana Moeka'a: MPs’ travel budget

Dear editor,

Can I ask the Speaker of Parliament as to why the extra $200,000 was appropriated for MP Travel and Allowances (local and overseas), and why the Civil List has been topped up by $30,000 for Constituency Visits, in the supplementary budget passed last Wednesday?

Dean Kapi-Tangata: Mamas stay strong in Auckland

Dear Editor;

Fact number 1: We waited, and waited, and waited for a cancellation, but it was not cancelled until day three of the tournament, when we were already in Hawaii. We specifically asked for a postponement and was left wanting.

John M Scott: Time to support local businesses

It was encouraging to hear the Minister of Finance urging consumers during these difficult times to support local businesses in order to sustain livelihoods and maintain business continuity and economic activity. I certainly hope that we will see this translate, where eggs are concerned, into a rationalisation of that market.

Letters to the Editor

Brian Baudinet: Banks must contribute real money

Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals