Mixed messages on helmets

Mixed messages on helmets

The president of the Tourism Industry Council, Sue Fletcher-Vea, said in CI News recently that “rental vehicle operators had experienced a 60-70 per cent drop in income from scooters, the cost for operators is huge, 100 scooters parked up.”

More thoughts on upcoming RAPPA by-election

During his radio talk on Friday April 7, prime minister Henry Puna, together with Poko Keu, spokesperson for the RAPPA constituency announced that MP Albert Nicholas, after all the controversy over his present political position, had decided to do the right thing and put the hat on the table to be contested by all parties, including himself as a CIP candidate.

Speakers entitled to their own views

Some of the issues raised by the letter-writer, “Human Animal” in CI News recently were quite interesting.

Why do MPs escape punishment?

The police are being very present on the roads fining the young on the way to school for not wearing helmets.

Rongo is a humble visionary

Meitaki maata to Idealist who asked great questions about the next RAPPA candidate in their letter dated 11 April 2017.

Letters to the Editor

Good on you Tapi, for telling the story

Smoke Signals

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