Brown presents ‘delusional picture’

Brown presents ‘delusional picture’

Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black, or people in glasshouses should not throw stones?

And who actually qualifies for his description of “ignorant”?

Corruption columns amusing

It was with great amusement that I read the columns by both Demo leader Tina Browne and chief executive Wilkie Rasmussen about corruption.

Road toll deemed ‘money-grabbing’

In March my family were holidaying in Rarotonga. I was very surprised to find that we had to pay a $5 toll every time we drove down the road to Wigmore’s Waterfall (there is a $2 charge per walker).

Tax on NZ pensions

A number of decisions have been made by this present government over the last two terms of parliament.

These decisions affect some (if not all) Cook Islanders and were enacted despite serious protestations from various sectors of the public.

Placing blame for the floods

Regarding the headline in CI News on Wednesday, April 11, ‘Government blamed for flooding’.

Letters to the Editor

Water intake situation updated

Smoke Signals

‘Hole’ lotta trouble on Rarotonga roads

Virtues in Paradise

Island schools learn more about virtues