Viva Sevens for primary schools

Wednesday July 12, 2017 Written by Published in Rugby Union

The stage is set for the daylong Bluesky Rarotonga Primary Schools Viva Sevens Rugby Tournament today at the BCI Stadium and Nikao Field.


The tournament to be hosted by Avarua School will have over 500 participants aged 6-13 years featuring in about 50 teams in the A, B, C, C Mix and D Mix grades.

This year, Cook Islands Rugby Union has replaced the format of the tournament from Rippa to Viva rugby which is said to be fast, fun and enjoyable.

CIRU thanks Nikao Oire and BCI Stadium for the use of their fields and facilities, major sponsor Bluesky, Tereora College Year 11 physical education students who will referee and offer administrative support, Cook Islands Red Cross, CISNOC and the participating schools and their staff.

The tournament will start with the official opening at 8.10am followed by the opening match at 8.30am.  - RK


BCI Stadium: Field One: A Grade Boys and Mix – 8.30am A Boys Nikao-Nukutere, 8.40am A Boys Papaaroa-Avarua, 8.50am Mix Nikao 1-Papaaroa, 9.00am Mix Te Uki Ou-Immanuela, 9.10am A Boys Arorangi-Nukutere, 9.20am A Boys Nikao-Papaaroa, 9.50am A Boys Arorangi-Avarua, 10.00am A Boys Nukutere-Papaaroa, 10.10am Mix Arorangi 1-Nukutere, 10.20am Mix Avarua 1-Te Uki Ou 2, 10.30am A Boys Avarua-Nikao, 10.40am A Boys Arorangi-Papaaroa, 10.50am Mix Arorangi 2-Papaaroa, 11.00am Mix Te Uki Ou-Immanuela, 11.10am A Boys Avarua-Nukutere, 11.20am A Boys Arorangi-Nikao, 11.30am Mix 1st Pool A-1st Pool D, 11.40am Mix 1st Pool B-1st Pool C, 12.10am Mix Winner of G17-Winner of G18

Field Two: A Grade Girls, B Grade Girls, B Grade Boys and Mix – 8.30am A Girls Arorangi-Avarua, 8.40am A Girls Nukutere-Nikao, 8.50am B Girls Nikao-Avarua, 9.00am B Boys Te Uki Ou-Avarua, 9.10am Mix Avarua 2-Nukutere, 9.20am Mix Nikao 2-Te Uki Ou 2, 9.30am A Girls Arorangi-Nikao, 9.40am A Girls Avarua-Nukutere, 9.50am B Girls Nikao-Avarua, 10.00am B Boys Nikao-Te Uki Ou, 10.10am Mix Arorangi 1-Avarua 2, 10.20am Mix Avarua 1-Nikao 2, 10.30am A Girls Arorangi-Nukutere, 10.40am A Girls Nikao-Avarua, 10.50am B Boys Nikao-Avarua, 11.00am Mix Arorangi 2-Nikao 1, 11.10am A Girls 1st Placing-4th Placing, 11.20am A Girls 2nd Placing-3rd Placing, 11.30am B Girls Nikao-Avarua, 11.40am A Girls Loser of G17-Loser of G18, 11.50am B Boys Ist Placing-2nd Placing, 12.00pm A Girls Winner of G17-Winner of G18

Nikao Field: Field One – C Grade Boys and Girls – 8.30am 

Nikao Field: Field Two – C Mix Team – 8.30am                   

Nikao Field: Field Three – D Mix Team – 8.30am     

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