Tawa Ngake prove they’re the best

Thursday January 03, 2019 Written by Published in Other Sports

Team Tawa Ngake are the champions of the 2018 Rarotonga Pukapuka Community games, edging out Team Tawa Lalo by eight points.


The friendly yet competitive games were first staged 25 years ago and are held annually.

This year’s week-long event ended last Saturday afternoon with a challenging volleyball tournament played at the Nikao courts.

The sporting contests included athletics, tug-of-war, tennis, volleyball, the traditional game of “lele ipu” (running with a coconut on top of your head), cricket matches and traditional cricket matches (poolo).

The games wrapped up on December 29 and prizes were presented on New Year’s Day at the Pukapuka hostel.

Results: Tawa Lalo (TL), Tawa Ngake (TN): Cricket TL – Men 4, Women 0, TN – Men 0, Women 4; Poolo TL – Tane 4, Wawine 4, TN – Tane 0, Wawine 0; Tennis TL – Men 0, Women 0, TN – Men 4, Women 4; Vollyball TL Men – 4, Women 8, TN – Men 12, Women 8. Total points - Tawa Lalo – 24 and Tawa Ngake 32.

On behalf of the games committee, sports coordinator, Dr Deacon Teapa would like to thank the Pukapuka community, members and supporters, and their appreciation to the sponsors: Toa Petroleum, CITC, Ministry of Health promotions represented by Karen Tairea, and the New Zealand Pukapuka president, Nuku Rapana, for the sound system.


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