Shuttle Time badminton heads to northern islands

Wednesday July 25, 2018 Written by Published in Other Sports
Rakahanga teachers and students happy to receive their new bag of equipment. 18072432 Rakahanga teachers and students happy to receive their new bag of equipment. 18072432

Six teachers and over 20 students from Omoka and Tetautua Schools on Tongareva took part in their first-ever Shuttle Time teachers’ workshop at St Joseph Hall last Thursday.

Cook Islands Badminton president Thomas Ngauru said the workshop was an amazing experience for all the students, especially for those who had never played before or even heard of the sport. 

“Cook Islands Badminton thought it would be a great opportunity while the northern group representatives are here for the Maire Maeva Nui to teach the teachers how to deliver ShuttleTime and deliver it their students when they return,” Ngauru said.

The workshop taught basic exercises and drills that the teachers will give students of all abilities and ages when they return to the island, he said.

“Using balloons is a great way work with very young students slowly working towards using a racquet and shuttle,” Ngauru added.

Following the workshop for Tongareva teachers and students, Cook Islands Badminton held a similar clinic for Rakahanga School’s Sharon Marsters along with her teachers and students on Saturday.

“There was some very talented students in the group who I’m sure if they keep playing could become our first northern group representatives.”

After the workshop, each school received a bag of racquets, shuttles, nets and balloons to take back for their respective schools. The equipment was sponsored by the Badminton World Federation. 

There were also videos and lesson plans to assist the teachers delivering the programme. 

“ShuttleTime is only being delivered on Rarotonga and because high cost of travelling, we have been unable to expand the programme out to the outer islands until now.  We hope to also work with schools from Manihiki, Pukapuka and Nassau before they return home,” Ngauru said.

Other outer islands schools interested in attending a ShuttleTime teachers’ workshop should can contact Hebrew Tom on 75215 for more information.

“Cook Islands Badminton would like to thank these schools for making time to be part of this programme and we wish them the best of luck.”  

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