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Wednesday August 23, 2017 Written by Published in Other Sports

This week the Cook Islands Junior Tennis Squad continued to notch up successes as they played in The Eastern Pacific team, with five 12 and under members in the Oceania Eastern Pacific Team and one 16 and under member.


The last match for the regionals for the 12 and under players was the boys’ doubles, played by the two top players in the Eastern Pacific team, Jesse Toa and Maka Maui.

This match was the decider for the 12 and under regional team event, as East played West.

The Eastern Pacific team won the event as the match went to the wire, with a big crowd for both regions watching. Both youngsters were under pressure, but managed to pull the match off.

This gave the Cook Islands squad the winners of both championships in the 2017 Oceania Junior Tournament 12 and under boys and girls categories.

Tournament organisers told squad coach Malcolm Kajer the Cook Islands was the smallest nation to have entered the Pacific Oceania Junior Tennis Championship, and the results that the team had achieved had been beyond anything expected.

He was also told he should be very proud of his junior squad.

Kajer says he wants it known to all juniors wanting to play tennis that his coaching school will be open again on August 28.

He says he is “raring to go with renewed vigour” after his squad’s successes at the Oceania Tournament.

            - Release/ Conor Leathley

Monday’s results for the POJC Regionals team event:

Maka Maui won vs Daniel Kang 4-1, 4-0. Moana Une won vs Hyejin Elliot 5-3, 4-0. Arikitoa Allsworth/ Ariitea Cotti–Helme won vs Jones George/ Aarman Sachdev 5-4(6), 4-1. Maka Maui/ Jesse Toa won vs Anthony Gregoire/ Ton Perez 4-0, 4-1. Te-Akaiti Toa/ Moana Une won vs Gailyah Milkel/ Ngelittle Simlai 4-1, 4-0.

Tuesday results 12 and under category finals: Heremana Courte lost vs Maka Maui 6-1, 2-6, 3-10. Zachary Sands won vs Jesse Toa 6-7(7), 6-3, 10-6. Ruth Baantarawa lost vs Moana Une 6-1, 7-5. Noah Molbaleh/ Ashley Vora won vs Arikitoa Allsworth/ Ariitea Cotti-Helme 6-2, 6-7(5), 10-4. Storm Cornish/ Lachlan Guba lost vs Maka Maui/ Jesse Toa 1-6, 6-3, 7-10. Ruth Baantarawa/ Oliver Peseli lost vs Te-Akaiti Toa/ Moana Une 2-6, 1-6.

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