Close competition in volleyball league

Wednesday July 26, 2017 Written by Published in Other Sports

TEAM and Nukz Power I are hot on the heels of table toppers Kangahua and Kia Orana Salon in the Prime Foods Mixed Social League Volleyball competition.


They are placed third on 22 points apiece behind Kangahua and Kia Orana Salon which remain unbeaten on 24 points each.

In round eight competition last week at the Bluesky Sports Arena, TEAM beat Simmons 81-65 while Nukz Power I overcame West Sides Wild Ones II 64-63 in a close battle.

In round nine tonight, TEAM takes on Green Machine while Nukz Power I play Allstarz.

Cook Islands Volleyball Federation president Hugh Graham said they were anticipating tough matches in the remaining rounds.

He is pleased with the level of competition displayed by the participating teams in the last eight rounds.

Graham said teams will have a chance to work on their weaknesses when the competition goes on break after tonight’s round.

“There will be no games held the following Wednesday, August 2 due to the Oceania Indoor Handball Champs,” he said.

“A further reminder to all teams that players can only play for the team that they are registered with. And if your team is permitted to play, you have to have a minimum of two males and three females or two females and three males.

“We will start to enforce this as it is becoming too frequent that players are playing for two and sometimes three teams per night.”

Fixtures: 5.30pm Court 1 Charlie’s Akari-West Sides Wild Ones 2, Court 2 TEAM-Green Machine, Court 3 NPK-Spikeaiders; 6.20pm Court 1 Hit n Miss-Nukz Power 3, Court 2 Nukz Power 1-Allstarz, Court 3 Totara Spikerz-Swalala; 7.10pm Court 1 Ohana-West Sides Wild Ones 1, Court 2 Woodies-Matman, Court 3 Team Helz-Squats; 8pm Court 1 Sarafui-Simmons, Court 2 Kia Orana Salon-Goofam, Court 3 Kangahua-Nukz 2

Results: (R8) – Kangahua beat Spikeaiderz 82-57; Nukz Power 1 beat West Sides Wild Ones 2 64-63; GooFam beat Team Helz 78-60; West Sides Wild Ones beat Nukz Power 2 74-73; Sarafui beat Woodies 75-66; NPK beat Green Machine 68-60; Squats beat Hit n Miss 69-60; Allstarz beat Ohana 71-47; Charlie’s Akari beat Nukz Power 3 78-77; Kia Orana Salon beat Swalala 69-59; TEAM beat Simmons 81-65; Matman beat Totara Spikerz 86-75

Standings (after round 8) – Kangahua 24pts, Kia Orana Salon 24pts, TEAM 22pts, Nukz Power 1: 22 pts, NPK 20pts, Goofam 19pts, Hit n Miss 20pts, Charlie’s Akari 19pts, Matman 18pts, Ohana 16pts, Squats 17pts, Allstarz 16pts, Nukz Power 2: 15pts, Team Helz 14 pts, West Sides Wild Ones 2: 14pts, West Sides Wild Ones 1: 14pts, Sarafui 13pts, Nukz Power 3: 12pts, Green Machine 10pts, Totara Spikerz 9pts, Woodies 9pts, Spikeaiderz 8pts, Swalala 8pts, Simmons 8pts.

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