Cook Islands badminton programme hailed

Thursday June 01, 2017 Published in Other Sports

Representatives from the Cook Islands Badminton Association (CIBA) attended the World Badminton Federation 77th Annual General Meeting and Oceania AGM 2017 on the Gold Coast, Australia last month.


Association secretary Gail Eraio and treasurer Ahkim Tikaroa took part in the meetings, held on May 18 and 20.

The Oceania AGM held on May 18 was attended by representatives from 11 countries out of the 15 in the region.

They included Australia, Cook Islands, Fiji, Guam, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga and Tuvalu.

“Executive committee positions were held on a two-year rotational basis and this year our Cook Islands representative Gail Eraio’s stint came to an end,” CIBA president Thomas Ngauru said.

The 2017 executive committee now comprises Loke Poh Wong (Australia) Sunardi Li (Guam), Johanna Kou (New Caledonia), Glenn Cox (New Zealand), and Dr Amanaki Fakakovikaetau (Tonga), with Geraldine Brown and Nigel Skelt remaining as president and deputy president, respectively.

On May 19, the World Badminton Federation’s members’ forum was held.

“Due to the success that CIBA has had in the area of building participation and pathways within badminton in our country, the Cook Islands was chosen by the World Badminton Federation to do a special presentation on this subject,” Ngauru said.

“This was quite an honour and a bit nerve-wrecking but certainly a character-building exercise. The presentation was delivered by both representatives who were dressed in pareu and ei katu.”

Ngauru said the eye-catching presentation caught the attention of over 200 country presidents, executives, media, and suppliers.  

“It highlighted the successes of the Cook Islands national plan which included the schools college and primary programmes, tournaments, tutors and coaches trained and regional junior team exposure.

“The presentation received much applause and following this, they were both sought out by other nations wanting information on how CIBA had done things and also to have their photos taken with the pair.”

On May 20, the duo took part in the international governing body AGM.

“The following day saw the beginning of the Sudirman Cup and the Cook Islands representatives were lucky enough to have time to go out to the venue to watch the first round of games,” Ngauru said.

Sudirman Cup is the World Mixed Teams Championships held every two years and this was the first year that the event had ever been held in the southern hemisphere.

“CIBA thank World Badminton Federation and the Oceania Badminton Confederation for this opportunity and their hospitality. 

“We also thank all those who have supported CIBA programmes and initiatives over the years.”


            - Rashneel Kumar/CIBA

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