Staff and students at the University of the South Pacific have welcomed the decision to clear the Vice Chancellor of all allegations levelled against him, RNZ reports.

The United Nations Children’s Fund is warning the impact of Covid-19 on children extends far beyond the spheres of their physical health, Radio New Zealand has reported.

Water crisis keeps children from schools

Wednesday September 02, 2020

Tens of thousands of students in Fiji have been kept at home this week due to the escalating water crisis in the country.

About 300 French officials and international observers are expected in New Caledonia for the independence referendum on October 4.

A Samoan culture expert and academic says the elimination of the ‘malo usu’ custom of gifting from the country’s cultural practices would not be considered disrespectful.

Coronavirus cases are increasing in French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawai‘i and Guam as the rest of the Pacific remains vigilant in efforts to keep the pandemic from spreading to their island havens.

Boaties sheltering  from the pandemic in Fiji’s Blue Lanes are pondering their next move as the cyclone season looms.

More than 58,000 TikTok users have watched Mikaele Oloa slice a banana leaf to make an ula laufa‘i, a traditional Samoan necklace.

People on remote Tokelau are expecting the imminent arrival of custom-made laboratory containers (pictured) that will enable them to check and test for Covid-19 on the territory.

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