New fissure spews more lava

Tuesday May 15, 2018

HAWAII –  A new volcanic fissure on Hawaii’s Big Island sent gases and lava exploding into the air, prompting officials to issue calls for more evacuations as residents awaited a possible major eruption at Kilauea volcano’s summit.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – As many as six people have reportedly been killed in renewed tribal fighting in Papua New Guinea’s Highlands province of Enga during the weekend.


Saturday May 12, 2018


NAURU – A psychiatrist has said an acutely unwell child held within Australia’s offshore detention regime should not be returned to Nauru because his long-running detention there is causing his mental illness.

Hawai‘i – Hawai‘i’s governor has asked President Donald Trump to declare the state of Hawai‘i a major disaster area.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Police in Papua New Guinea believe a village fisherman accidentally disturbed a drug-running operation after finding nearly 60 kilograms of what is suspected to be illicit drugs buried on a remote beach.

Pacific Briefs

Thursday May 10, 2018


NEW ZEALAND – The Anglican Church in New Zealand has paved the way for the blessing of same-sex relationships – but Anglican churches in Polynesia will all opt out – the Anglican Synod said in a statement this week.

HAWAII – Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has erupted out of two new vents prompting authorities to call for an immediate evacuation of residents from a second neighbourhood on the Big Island.

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