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Covid-19 is so far having its deadliest impact in the Western Pacific with deaths from the coronavirus reported in both Guam and the Northern Marianas.

The Pacific has been warned to prepare for a ‘long-term battle’ against the Covid-19 coronavirus as reports from Fiji say armed soldiers are patrolling the streets.

New Zealander stranded in Wuhan

Tuesday January 28, 2020

A New Zealand citizen trapped at the epicentre of China’s coronavirus outbreak is pleading with the government to do more to get New Zealanders out.

Call for Pacific flight ban

Tuesday January 28, 2020

Pacific nations on full alert for coronavirus with six Chinese tourists quarantined in Fiji.

Indonesia appoints Pacific advocate

Thursday January 23, 2020

PACIFIC – Indonesia has appointed one of its main regional heads of mission to a new role as roving ambassador in the Pacific.

Pacific vulnerable to virus

Thursday January 23, 2020

New Zealand must do all it can to protect Pacific from Chinese outbreak.

Some of the Pacific’s leaders face big challenges this year, as the climate crisis, corruption allegations and regional loyalties clash. In the second of a two-part series, RNZ Pacific’s Jamie Tahana and Johnny Blades look at some of the region’s bigger players and the tensions looming in 2020.

As a new decade dawns much of the Pacific is grappling with major upheavals from climate and health crises to political disruption and self-determination struggles. In a two part series, RNZ Pacific’s Jamie Tahana and Johnny Blades look at the state of play across the region’s countries and territories and what’s on the cards for 2020. This is the first part.

A mountain of butter and Marmite are among some contraband items detected by airport security. By Ruth Hill/  RNZ



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