CIP government seems addicted to cash from Chinese

Thursday August 10, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

If the government is willing to back Pa Ariki in getting the old Sheraton project revived, it means they must have signed up with the Chinese for financial assistance, because Puna only has eyes for them when it comes to selling off our country. 

Let’s not be naïve: The Chinese are business people and have been for centuries. They are only injecting money into our economy to make us addicts to their cash handouts and from the look of things the CIP government is caught - hook, line and sinker. I believe we will eventually sink because of it. Pa Ariki, meanwhile, has another lease to sell off. She will probably get a payout, but how much of this will go to the family landowners?


Good to see those naval vessels coming together for an exercise in camaraderie at our port. What a pity that the rust bucket Tiare Taporo is taking up all the room so the naval vessels can’t berth and the visiting overseas yachts have nowhere to tie up at the wharf. When is the Ports Authority going to get rid of this eyesore and start charging the owners big bucks to keep it there so they will move it? Someone or perhaps many people own this vessel. They brought it here it is time for them to mortgage themselves up and pay for the removal immediately.

SS: The owners of the Tiare Taporo apparently aren’t required to pay berthage fees, on the basis that they are providing a service to the outer islands. However, the reality is that the ship hasn’t gone anywhere for a year, apart from changing positions at the wharf. Efforts to find out what is going on with Pacific Schooners Ltd have met with silence from those involved.


When you look at the photos from the Tahiti-Cook Islands rugby match it isn’t hard to see why Tahiti won. Our players have spare tyres hanging out of their shirts, “builders’ crack” at the top of their shorts. They don’t look fit for a social game let alone an international meet. We put up a C grade team and we deserved to go down to Tahiti ranked 93rd. So what does that make us?  All this money given to rugby, much focus was put on sponsorship and media coverage and we are rewarded with a poor excuse for the sport. Selectors and coaches: were these players the best we had to offer?  What sort of training did they have and what was their attitude to the match? Because it did not look like a well prepared team.


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