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Wednesday July 19, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

A smoke signaller has given more details about the two dogs allegedly killing cats in Betela. “According to an eyewitness, the brown skinny dog has a black back and the black dog has long hair.”



And on the subject of animals … another year goes by and still no word of any progress on law that would more heavily penalise those people among us who enjoy mistreating animals. A smoke signaller says she recently spotted a couple of sows tied in someone’s orchard that were obviously slowly starving to death. “They were so skinny, it was a heart-rending sight. I understand that pigs can be expensive to feed properly, but surely coconuts are plentiful. These poor animals didn’t have any water, either.”


Tourists recently complained about the misleading nature of a “shop” sign near the seawall that closely resembles a genuine “stop” sign. Now a smoke signaller wants to know how come the police don’t do anything about it. “A visitor could easily be sucked into thinking it’s a real stop sign, with disastrous results. I’m sure this wouldn’t be permitted in any other country. Then there’s the stop sign on the seawall road which advises people to stop when jets are taking off. For one thing, there’s nowhere for them to safely stop, and for another, because the seawall road is below the runway, it’s impossible to see if a jet is taking off.”


Another smoke signaller says it’s annoying to see top government figures kowtowing so obediently to the Chinese. “The Chinese might seem pretty free with their money, handing out billions of dollars to countries throughout the Pacific for all sorts of projects. But in reality, all this money is just a drop in the bucket to them. They might have given us the police headquarters, the Ministry of Justice building and a sports arena, but just look at the problems that have emerged with the quality of these buildings, which were of course constructed with Chinese, and not local labour. For an interesting view of what’s really going on, may I recommend CHINA IN OCEANIA Reshaping the Pacific? It’s edited by Terence Wesley-Smith and Edgar A Porter and published by Berghahn. If the PM and other government leaders want some more bedtime reading, I can recommend several recent books written by experts in their field, and offering interesting alternative views on the nature of Chinese expansion through the Pacific. It’s a topic I understand was also explored in some detail in a book by the late Professor Ron Crocombe. These publications might also shed some light on why New Zealand isn’t keen for the Cook Islands to have a seat in the UN.”

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