Does anyone remember the tax amnesty?

Tuesday May 16, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

“Does anyone remember the tax amnesty – the one the PM declared just before Christmas last year,” a smoke signaller asks.

“We haven’t heard anything about that lately. I remember the Chamber of Commerce posing some questions to the tax department some time ago, but they have never been answered. An explanation would be nice…”


The woman who came out of the Oasis driveway in her car one afternoon last week and failed to look right before pulling out to get over to the other side of the road. “It’s lucky I was sticking to the speed limit and was able to stop quickly,” a smoke signaller said. “Otherwise there could have been a very nasty accident, because my car would have T-boned hers. It seems to me that driving standards on the island are getting worse by the day. Many drivers seem to have forgotten where their indicators and brakes are – and in some cases, their brains, too. With the tourist hordes set to descend on us soon, it’s not going to get any better. Let’s hope the police keep up the good work with their checkpoints.”


The prime minister’s recent illuminating article about leadership has led me to recall a statement on the subject by Dwight Eisenhower, a smoke signaller says. “He said, ‘the supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army or in office’. Eisenhower undoubtedly knew about such things, having served as head of the military fighting Hitler in World War Two, and later as 34th president of the United States.”


It’s good to see the Prime Minister jump on the Muri lagoon bandwagon a smoke signaller observes. “And now, let’s do a bit more in Muri and take things further: Why doesn’t the PM create a seat for Muri? Muri would like to see someone who will be a PM to represent them in Parliament and stand for them. I am all for a seat in Muri then we will get some real work done in the lagoon.”


“Can CI News please do an article on the CIGOVT Social Impact Fund?” a smoke signaller asks. “Our non-government organisation service has been closed since December 2016 and because of a lack of funding we have lost our office space. We know that aid money has come in but hasn’t been released.

All we want is to know why.”

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