Time for a visit to our Chinese friends

Thursday April 06, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Prime minister Puna says the best way to make friends and get money is to shake hands and look them in the eye in their own country, a smoke signaller says.

“Well, PM, it must be time you went to China and shook your booty, because we still don’t have a school you and China promised us quite some time ago. If you don’t hurry, all the children will be grown up and gone. Remember there were two great schools, or is that the idea? If the children and their teachers only know one hall, one school, they might not complain, because ignorance is bliss.”


“The police have been out enforcing the helmet law because it is against the law to ride without one if you are 16-25yrs,” a smoke signaller says. “If you don’t wear one you will be fined and then you have seven days to pay the fine or you will go to court. Meanwhile, businesses have broken the law by not paying their taxes for years. They have not been taken to court and they have not been monitored. Instead, they have been forgiven by PM Henry Puna through his tax “amnesty”, announced just before Christmas. These tax dodgers owe the country around $33 million and are allowed to get away with it. Now the police have to try and replace the millions lost in tax by setting up revenue-collecting stations and enforcing the helmet law outside schools! Shame.”


If all the sand digging was done by hand with a team of local workers, then yes, it might help the local Muri community, a smoke signaller reckons. “Instead, all you see is one digger driver, one truck driver and one bobcat driver. They are employed by T&M Heather from Aorangi, not Muri. The land owners digging up the sand live overseas so the money is not going to the Muri night market, for example. The latest sand mining holes are now in Turangi on Pa Ariki land where the recycling centre used to be. Pa Ariki lives overseas and as I far as I have been able to find out, she doesn’t appear to have given any money to the community. So don’t hold your breath if you think Muri is going to benefit from sand mining


A smoke signaller was a trifle annoyed on Wednesday night to miss out on the New Zealand news. “There was no One News, only the weather news and 7 Sharp. No explanation. Maki the TV station!”

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