How about a speed gun?

Monday January 16, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

A SMOKE SIGNALLER complains that as he was tootling along towards Blackrock at the legal 40km/h he was almost knocked off his scooter by the whoosh of air created as a helmetless middle-aged local rider zoomed by him at an incredible rate of knots.

He remembers thinking “just how is that youngster on the back holding on at that speed?” But, before he knew it, he was whooshed again by another helmetless hoon who disappeared into the distance before he could yell out “oi!” Our chap estimates that both motorbikes must have been doing 90km/h because of the speed at which they went out of view. What this island could do with a speed-gun, he thought at the time. If only the police could afford one.


I’M JUST HAVING a drink of Coca Cola purchased from CITC for the normal $6.50. I wondered why it didn't fizz up with the ice as much.  The bottle is neatly dated with a best-before date 16/1/17. CITC is still selling these at full price of 2 for $10. It should be more like $3 with that date. Or maybe they didn't want the island to run out of Coke before the new shipment arrived. Where are the price controls when you need them?

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