Foreigners doing better job than our minister

Thursday December 15, 2016 Published in Smoke Signals

THE ARTICLE IN CI News regarding someone who I think is a foreigner stimulating pineapple production on Rarotonga interests me.

Shouldn't this sort of work be the role of our tanutanu ministry? It shows they are not their jobs. I hear the minister spends lots of time ordering around the junior staff working in his three portfolios and less time on amending policies and increasing funds for these sectors of government. Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for diversifying your interest in small business development and agriculture. Again I believe it shows the slackness of two agencies under Kiriau. The PM should give the agriculture portfolio to the owners of the Maire Nui plantation, who are foreigners. It doesn’t add up, minita!


IN THE FOUR months that I’ve been driving a motorbike here I’ve had four flat tyres and my partner’s had two. We drive along the main and back roads, and try to avoid potholes where possible (although there are so many that it’s impossible to avoid them all). I’ve had to fork out over $400 for repairs and two new and bigger tyres on top of the cost of the motorbike. I’ve really had enough. If the government is using the roads as a cash cow. I would appreciate confirmation so I can open up a tyre shop next to the worst potholes and roads and be a profiteer off of other’s’ misfortunes too.


IN THE PMS article in CI News on December 13, he finishes with, “the only voices we need and adhere to are the voices of our people ....” a smoke signaller says. “Such hypocrisy, given that he carries on signing purse seine agreements despite the fact that more than half the voting population have told the PM through a nationwide petition that  they do not want purse seining.”


TURN THE CLOCK back to March 2015. Location: Vaepae Tautu. Event: By-election campaign. Speaker on the podium: the prime minister of the Cook Islands. “If you re-elect Mona Ioane I will get him his Ministerial portfolio returned”. Instead, PM Puna gave it to RAPPA Demo MP Arapati Nicholas. Will Puna finally and immediately honour the Vaepae Tautu voters if the High Court case held this week calls for a by-election in RAPPA?


TWO CONTAINERS HAVE just landed on the rock and are now located at the premises of a government agency under Minister Turepu. According to senior staff they contain a consignment for vanilla production. But could it be that there is something else inside? One tastes like free alcohol for staff and. Watch this space to find out more.


WHEN ARE THE police and leaders in Arorangi going to do something about the dog problem in our area? Dogs chasing bikes and people along the main road is going to cause an accident one day and It will be too late.


THANKS TO KETA’S granddaughter, Ritua Mareva Davis for saving a little girl who fell in the swimming pool. Congratulations girl!


I FULLY AGREE with the smoke signals that refer to the annoying Bluesky SMS promos that are mass-broadcast to all mobile customers. So I have followed his/her advice and have unsubscribed my mobile numbers from Bluesky’s ‘money making’ scheme designed to extract extra funds from their unwary customers to prop up their profit margin. Here is the code to unsubscribe: Enter *888# then choose option 9 then enter 2 to unsubscribe. Peace at last.

SS: Bluesky responds:  Yes, our customers can unsubscribe from receiving the SMS broadcasts. We have had this in our Tips & Tricks as we understand some customers just don't want to get them. So as stated by our smoke signaller, dial *888# and select >other> SMS broadcast and then unsubscribe from receiving any future broadcasts. We have a few community services who now use our broadcasting services to get their messages out, so once a customer unsubscribes, they should remember they will not get those either.


HENRY PUNA, WHO is PM and Education minister, has dismissed the prizegiving ceremonies of all the other schools he has visited in order to praise Apii Avarua.  In Monday’s CI News he said Avarua had staged the best prizegiving of all the schools he had visited. What a biased person, one-sided as always.


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