It's pass the parcel time

Friday December 09, 2016 Published in Smoke Signals

Instead of the PM and the Infrastructure Cook Islands minister taking the bull by the horns and coming out with a Muri lagoon plan, they ask the out-of-sight Financial Secretary to deal with it.

Now the Financial Secretary is saying it will take another 18 months of planning and more talking. At the same time our lagoon gets more polluted and tourists will be shying away. Meanwhile, just wait for our prime minister to jump on the next plane out to say goodbye to John Key. Puna should follow John Key’s steps and retire gracefully while he is on top, or face being thrown out.


“While Teina Bishop languishes in jail for the next six months, some of the politicians who I believe should be sharing his prison time are walking around free to enjoy Christmas and the holidays with their families,” a smoke signaller says. “Where is the justice? Henry Puna using taxpayers’ money to buy off the landowners in Manihiki…oh and still no news on his motor accident. Mark Brown using taxpayers’ money to fund the Tiare Taporo fiasco, Mona Ioane already found to be guilty of corruption, but no follow-up from the police. So it appears there’s one form of justice for the PM, his government and all those who voted them in and another justice for everyone else who are law abiding, taxpaying citizens! 

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