What about the people?

Thursday December 08, 2016 Published in Smoke Signals

“MARK BROWN AND his globe-trotting prime minister Henry Puna have made their mark in the ground against the aronga mana of this country,” a smoke signaller says.

“Before they were elected they bragged about leading and listening to the people but now they have turned their backs on the people and followed the EU money bag for the fish. This is typical of politicians who have lost touch with the grassroots and have failed the ‘heart of the people’. History will show that they betrayed their people and the people they represent and they will face the consequences of their actions dearly.”


I FELT PHYSICALLY sick when I heard the sentence that Teina Bishop received,” a smoke signaller says. “Whether he's guilty or not, the fact remains that there are Members of Parliament and ministry employees walking around out there who I believe also have lied through their teeth to keep their jobs, but who should be serving time with him. Beware, karma will get you in the end.”


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