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Religious leaders discuss the word of God in this weekly feature. Published on Fridays, Church Talk discusses themes from the Bible as well as looking at current events in a Christian context. 

Beware seeds of compromise

Friday March 03, 2017

The Bible refers to three different kinds of seeds in Matthew 13:24-30: God’s seed which is good seed, man’s seed which is at best mixed, and Satan’s seed, which is bad.

The secret behind satisfaction

Tuesday February 28, 2017

Is there a secret to a happy life, a satisfied life?

The secret behind satisfaction

Thursday February 23, 2017

Is there a secret to a happy life, a satisfied life?

As we continue on from last week, let me ask the question again,  What do you expect out of life? Remember Matthew 9.29 says, “According to your faith, it will be done unto you.” 

Why you should expect the best

Friday February 10, 2017

Does it not feel good that you made it into 2017?  If you’re feeling that way, that’s a good start to talking about ‘expecting the best’ in your life.

How to add value to your life

Friday February 03, 2017

Great sportsmen and sportswomen are creatures of habit. Athletes pound the road for miles every day. Weightlifters constantly pump weights, and others practice, practice, and practice.

DESPITE previous plans to admit the highest number of refugees in decades, the United States would be shutting its doors to thousands displaced by conflict in the Middle East, at least temporarily, under an executive order US president Donald Trump is expected to sign this week.

KIA ORANA.  Ko te a e te taopengaanga teia o te tataanga no runga i te Manako Maata o te Pure Epetoma no teia mataiti 2017, tena nga tataanga mua i roto i te pepa o nga epetoma i topa.

Tumu Tapura:  Te Marae Moana

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