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Providing an experience to remember

Monday 6 February 2023 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Features, Go Local


Providing an experience to remember
Guests enjoy a swim in the lagoon thanks to Kutekute Tours. SUPPLIED / 23020311

An Aitutaki-based lagoon cruise tour company allows guests to choose their own adventure, giving them an experience to remember.

Rebranded as Kutekute Tours and Transfers Aitutaki in 2021, this adventurous and exciting company is not just a tour or lagoon cruise, it is 100 per cent guests dedicated. 

Located on the beautiful island of Aitutaki, owner of Kutekute Tours and Transfers Aitutaki, Maria Henry says all their cruises have outlined suggestions, but it is up to their guests as to what they choose to do on their cruise. 

“We can honestly say that all our tours are tailormade specifically and we do our utmost to tick all boxes of our guests’ requests,” says Henry.

They only cater for couples, families and groups of up to six people. 

Henry says the business started off as a transport service for their guests – on land.

“When we moved towards doing lagoon tours as well, it made sense to offer a water taxi too,” she explains.

Recently, Henry says they added a catered option to the service which has proved to be very popular.

“There’s nothing like being dropped off to a destination of your choice, with a pre-packed picnic and time on your side, as you decide how long your trip is for.”

They also offer a two-hour short-burst cruise, allowing guests the opportunity to cut out all the downtime and spend quality time doing exactly what they want.

“It’s kind of a super charged water taxi.”

Henry says they have six lagoon services, with sunset options proving to be super popular.

“We like to try and stay as unique as possible and we are always adding new things to our tours.

“We are so appreciative of all the positive feedback and so happy that our guests have been happy with their cruises and time spent with the crew.”

After a successful rebranding and recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic, Kutekute is excited for the future and plans are in place for some unique new experiences coming this year.

Henry says caring for their guests and helping create beautiful memories is what they are all about.

“We also answer really quickly to inquiries, so communication isn’t an issue. We will spoil you, which is a guarantee! We offer some things that no other operators do and our food is made with love, oh and also to dietary requirements with a great selection for everyone. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and I think that shows.”

Henry says business has been “awesome so far” and they are blessed that they are getting a booking every day.

“Word of mouth has definitely been strong for us and our social media is definitely getting a following.”

However, Kutekute did have their challenges.

Henry says one of these challenges was the unpredictable weather.

“Of course, being a weather dependent business, it can be frustrating when you can’t go out on the lagoon, but even more so is when you can’t share your experience with the guests – especially the ones that have booked well in advance.

“It’s hard letting people down even when it’s out of your hands. But in saying that it also makes you always think of other ways to offer another kind of experience. You should always have a Plan B.”

Kutekute Tours and Transfers Aitutaki was established in 2018 as a small local land transport and tour business. 

It started lagoon tours that year and was just taking off before Covid hit.

It is locally owned. Henry returned to her home island of Aitutaki from New Zealand in 2016.

Her grandparents are from Aitutaki and her father was born in Rarotonga. 

Henry says she definitely has plans to expand the business in other directions and to focus on youth training.