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Friday 2 June 2023 | Written by Al Williams | Published in Entertainment, Features


Muso brings flavour to Raro dance parties
Pacific Resort Hotel Group chief executive officer Marcus Niszow, left and Kiwi musician Paora Apera (aka P Digsss) at the Rarotonga resort in June. Niszow also finds time in his busy schedule to promote music events. PHOTO: AL WILLIAMS/23060122

Dance music comes to Rarotonga this weekend with a music legend leading the way.

Paora Apera (aka P Digsss) will join forces with the Coco House Bros crew, Doctor E, Anthom and Mark Zow in bringing a mix of “big, fat, soulful, funky” music to the island.

Apera is no stranger to this nation, he traces his lineage to the Cook Islands, and he lived on Rarotonga in the late 1970s and early 80s.

Apera met Marcus Niszow (Mark Zow) several years ago on Rarotonga, through fellow music legend Tiki Taane at a gig.    

“We were following each other and watching each other’s progress,” Apera said.

The band Apera fronts, Shapeshifter, has played in Rarotonga a couple of times.

Shapeshifter, a drum and bass act from Aotearoa New Zealand, was formed in 1999, and has gained a live following across the globe.  

Crowds can expect a slightly different pace this time around.

Apera and the Coco House Bros kick things off tonight from 10pm at Rehab Nightclub with some upbeat sets.

The four of them, P Digsss, Doctor E, Anthom and Mark Zow will rotate responsibilities on the mixers and mics.

It will be followed by a simmered down set at Vaiana’s on Saturday from 2pm.

“It’s very much a journey, lower BPM (beats per minute), we slowly hold the momentum,” Niszow said of the Saturday set.

“It’s more about toasting, introducing, singing, very stripped down,” Apera said.

While Rehab’s sound system will blare this evening, Coco House Bros will introduce their 5000- watt sound system to the mix on Saturday.

Niszow said it is all top of the line gear delivering “good quality sounds”.

“It’s different, it’s groovy and it’s fun; there’s a point of difference.”

The pair shared their reasons for the love they share in music.

“It’s an amazing feeling, it’s addictive when you get a perfect mix,” Apera said.

“Sharing music with people.”

Niszow said it gave him pleasure seeing people discover new sounds and music, familiar vocals, familiar tunes, but reworked.

He said entry to all Coco House parties were free as “it’s kind of been like a rule”.

“Sharing the love and sharing the music, being inclusive whether straight or rainbow.”

Apera had one more thing to add.

“Come on, bring your dancing boots.”