Tumuora helping shape a healthy nation

Friday 24 April 2015 | Published in Other Sports


Tumuora helping shape a healthy nation
Tumuora is committed to helping shape a healthy and fi t Cook Islands through their latest programme targeted to those who really need help and with support reach a healthy body weight and live a happier life.

Fitclub Cook Islands (Tumuora CrossFit) want to help you take your first step to a healthier lifestyle.

The Tumuora 120 Club 12 Week Programme has been created to help people who have struggled with their weight and are maybe too shy to make that all-important first step.

The programme is for local people who weigh over 120kg and possibly suffer from non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and high blood


“This is a tough group; people are very shy because they are overweight and unfit and so find it much harder to make that first step,” says Olivia Heather from Tumuora.

“This is why we are doing this programme and the way it’s designed is to help people make that first step with less pressure and to slowly build their confidence in themselves and what they can accomplish.”

Heather says that by creating a programme specifically targeting the most at-risk weight group, they hope to encourage more people that fall into the same category to seek the help they need.

“The programme is tailored specifically to suit their needs.”

The first four weeks of the programme will be low intensity, with 80 per cent of the focus on nutrition. In the fith week those on the programme will be introduced to CrossFit training.

The group will have exclusive training slots at the Box and training will be scaled to suit the abilities of each individual.

Olivia Heather has spent over a year studying nutrition under Cliff Harvey of Holistic Performance Nutrition.

“The material I have learned on this course has made a huge difference in the results that we get on challenges similar to this,” says Heather.

“The last challenge I ran I had one client come off his high blood pressure medication and cut his diabetes medication to less than half - and all in the first six weeks.”

Heather says they have many success stories of people losing weight, keeping the weight off and importantly improving their overall health. Benefits have included an improved cholesterol profile, better skin, less acne, improved sleep, improved/consistent energy levels, improved stress levels, improved focus and the list goes on.

If anyone is interested in being part of this programme and want more details they can contact Tumuora CrossFit at nutrition@tumuora.co.ck or 55945.

The programme will start with a nutrition and health workshop on Saturday May 2 at 2pm, with the official start on Monday May 4.

“We are very excited about this programme as it puts a lot of focus on the very thing we are trying hard to combat and that’s our NCD rates, especially obesity.

We are second in the world at 64 per cent obese according to the World Health Organisation.”