Couple goals

Thursday 27 August 2020 | Written by Rashneel Kumar | Published in Other Sports


Couple goals

Couple Ine and Tim Sosene from Arorangi run a photography and video business called Angle but that’s not all they do together. They both love weightlifting.

Ine said: “Individually we both enjoy throwing weight around. As a couple we never thought of it as bringing us closer together but thinking about it now, it has. We get to spend more time together and we enjoy watching each other’s achievements in the sport.”

Tim said they also want their children to try out the sport. “We want to encourage the girls to be healthy and strong, mentally and physically”.

So how do they encourage each other? Ine said:“We have a look we give each other, it’s in the eyes!”

Name: Ine Victoire Sosene nee Wichman

Island representing: Mauke

How long have you been lifting? 5 years

Why do you love it? It clears my mind of all the craziness that is happening everywhere else. It’s just me and the barbell.

Favourite lift? Clean & jerk

Personal best? 70kg

Name: Tumuli (Tim) Sosene

Island representing: Mitiaro

How long have you been lifting? 7 years

Why do you love it? All my friends lift. I also like analysing the lift to see where I can improve because it’s such a technical movement. Everything has to be precise for it to be pulled off at maximum weight.

Favourite lift? The snatch

Personal best? 83kg for the snatch and 115kg for the clean & jerk

*Cook Islands Weightlifting Federation is running profiles of their athletes to promote the sport in lead up to the Cook Islands Games in October.