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Bigger and busier 2023: PM

31 December 2022

Other Sports

Double gold for Darts

21 January 2023


Population policy endorsed

10 January 2023


PM Brown vows to change law

23 January 2023

Rugby league

Moana target 2025 World Cup

11 November 2022


We’re halfway there!

16 November 2022


From the river to the ocean

18 November 2022



Thomas Tarurongo Wynne: An attitude of gratitude

Grateful - it’s such a powerful posture of the heart and I just wanted to highlight two of those reasons, writes Thomas Tarurongo Wynne.

Letters to the Editor

Three questions for NES

From time to time we see that the National Environment Service is looking to add new staff positions. Looking for three at the moment.

'Santa from Hell' faces day of reckoning

We Cook Islanders like to be renowned for our kindness, God-fearing Christian saintliness and for being civil to one another.


Family Law Bill could do with additions

I do not expect the important Family Law Bill to be put before Parliament for the two-day maximum priority Christmas party sitting of Parliament next week.


Same-sex debate galvanises opinions

I want to expand on a topic which I touched on briefly previously.


Homecoming on my mind.

Dan and I are beyond ready to complete our long trip away and come home to Paradise.


Budget grab could be disaster too

By Norman George, lawyer


Caring for our elders vitally important

While we are traveling outside the Cook Islands, I rely on friends emailing or messaging me with news from home.


Civil defence failure is shameful

By Norman George, Lawyer “Rarotonga, we have a problem.” A spate of recent drownings and what appears to be the systematic failure of the police and other emergency services to react on time is catastrophic, shameful and inexcusable.


A weekend to remember

Norman George - laywer Sometimes it is glorious to be away and isolated- protected by the Pacific Ocean. Events this last weekend around the world is a mixture of horror and glory.


Avatiu MP faces difficult decisions

A week can be a long time in politics.


One law for all Cook Islanders

Unless I am wrong, and someone should correct me if I am, traffic accidents fall under the category of “strict liability” offences.


The Cook Islands Act 1915 – still strong after 100 years

2015 has been a year of milestones, the most notable of them being the 50th anniversary of the beginning of self-rule in the Cook Islands in free association with New Zealand. Last Sunday marked another important event in the history of this nation: 100 years since the passage of the Cook Islands Act 1915. With land occupation right issues having been in the headlines recently, Lawyer Brian Mason details how the Act came about.


Facing up to the inevitability of death

There is something that will happen to all of us, something we often don’t want to think or talk about until it’s too late.


Public service captains have much to do

Finally, after months of waiting, the people to steer our public service through for the next three years have been announced.


When history becomes flesh and blood

One of the benefits, or sometimes the curse, of having been around awhile is that often historical events are not just dry words on a page or grainy black and white pictures, but real life flesh and blood occasions because you were there.


Te mana henua, land court and politics

What a blooming headache it has become, don’t you think?


Rule of law versus the media

The Chief Justice is not “omniscient.”


Parliament in ruins thanks to neglect...

The institution of Parliament is now in ruins, desecrated, vandalised and allowed to fall apart.


Boxing, politics and gay rights

Tropical Chronicles – Wilkie Rasmussen I have heard of the sport of boxing being referred to as the “gentleman’s sport”.


Auckland revisited – and that All Black list

It is often said that a week off The Rock makes a difference.


Churches have major role to play in the running of our country

A late amendment to the Cook Islands Constitution was added in 1997.


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