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Bigger and busier 2023: PM

31 December 2022

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Moana target 2025 World Cup

11 November 2022


Letters to the Editor

Letter: Easy steps for cannabis legalisation

Dear Editor, The Cook Islands Government said the more they look into legalising medicinal cannabis the more problems they come across. This should not be the case, they are overthinking and complicating what is a simple task.


Ruta Mave: Reduce stress: Lower your expectations

One way I find to reduce stress levels is to reduce my levels of expectation. For the most part people don’t know or see the difference between very good and perfection in the production of goods and services, writes Ruta Mave.

Take time to feed your soul every day

At a recent Women’s Gathering on Aitutaki, we shared the theme of ‘Prayer and Meditation’. One woman said, “Prayer is my daily food. Without it, I really can’t function”.


A question of dignity

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s speech at Waitangi has gained global attention – and as one who voted for Ardern in the last election and comes from a family that have been longtime Labour supporters, I guess this comes as no surprise to some.


PM please come clean – are you calling a snap election?

As an observer and listener from outside of Parliament I have to say that the conduct of the government in Parliament this week was peculiar.


A story of worker exploitation

Joanne (not her real name) has been living and working in a home on Rarotonga for the last six months.


Sir Bob and I have something in common

Sir Bob Jones, if I may say so, is a fellow newspaper columnist.


Experience the quiet joy of 'pristine momentum'

I met a Canadian teen who was immensely proud of his skateboard skills.


A closer look at govt tax 'wipeout'

Some years ago the current deputy prime minister, Teariki Heather, went to see a former Minister of Finance and asked for tax owed by his company T&M Heather to be forgiven and wiped.


Problematic properties need urgent review

A couple of days ago, the finance minister and minister for the Cook Islands Investment Corporation announced the appointment of a new chief executive.


Urgent need to invest in our people

It’s time to invest in the future of our people


Positive relationships a spiritual must

The other day, my husband Dan and I were out for lunch.


Some thoughts on the Esther Honey debate

I am mindful that the vague reference to “a former employee” in the story could well rope in a number of former employees, but what stands apart is that the former employee referred to in the story, and possibly in the press statement by EHF, was allegedly involved in the conspiracy with others in the new animal welfare facility set-up known as Te Are Manu (TAM).


The rise of inequity in the Cook Islands

Occasional columnist “The Unionist” takes a look at what he describes as the rise of inequity in this country. The Unionist is known for his contentious views and CINews welcomes response to this column. Send letters to: or bring handwritten letters to the CINews office in town.


Early leaders had clear sense of purpose

I started becoming aware of the imbalance of power against Maori Cook Islanders when I was very young on the northern island of Tongareva (Penrhyn).


Children need to know truth about adoption

My first adult job at 21 was as a foster care and adoption social worker.


Demo Party leadership remains strong

I can’t help but have a good laugh at all this fuss about the Democratic Party leadership.


Country no stranger to 'colonial masters'

In 1918, New Zealand authorities allowed the ship Talune, carrying passengers suffering from influenza, to dock in Apia, Samoa. As the flu spread, some 22 per cent of the Samoan population died.


Dear John – UN controversy does not scare me

I ask my readers to bear with me. This column is not going to be the usual outpouring of my opinion and views, instead I write it more in the style of a Dear John letter. Remember the soldier in the trenches who got a letter from his girlfriend telling him the bad news that she had left him for another? Well, it will be something along those lines.


Chocolate and the virtue of simplicity

A FEW nights ago, I dreamed of writing on the topic of “Chocolate and the Virtue of Simplicity”.


Government runs free with our money

NOT long ago, myself, James Beer and Wilkie Rasmussen pointed out that this government is spending our money irresponsibly.


Cook Islands on rocky road in UN seat bid

It seems every other Cook Islander doesn’t think it’s a good idea.


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