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Wednesday 21 December 2022 | Written by CI News Staff | Published in Features, Local, National


Busy year for Te Are Manu
source: tearemanu FB

This is my final column for 2022. It is a universal truth that the second to last column is really the last edition, because the last edition is a puff piece disguised as a “review” of the year.

The real word is “repeat”. But who am I to buck a well-respected trend? So like every TV news and current affairs programme, I am going to cop out of giving you any new information by reviewing (repeating) the year.

It was a busy year for Te Are Manu, and we like to think a successful one. But none of what we achieved would have been possible without our clients and their wonderful pets. Meitaki maata your support. We know we don’t exist without you.

We spent much of the year conducting the Puna Desexing clinics. We did this as part of our responsibility and involvement in the Dog Registration and Animal Control Committee. Our fellow stakeholders in the committee, the Police, the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Tourism, and the Cook Island SPCA allowed this work to happen. Their ongoing support for this project was critical in securing the Mana Tiaki Award for Te Are Manu. We are deeply honoured to have received this award. We now have the resources to conduct a third round of Puna desexing clinics, beginning in February 2023. Great news!

We were delighted to welcome Paws’n’Claws to the family of animal-focused charities operating in the Cook Islands. Don and Shannon have done amazing work, and support for that work will become more important as we get further through kitten season.

Te Are Manu feels a deep sense of responsibility to the animals in the Pa Enua. We want to do what we can to improve the health and welfare of these animals and assist their owners. This year we took some very direct and very intentional steps towards this goal. In May we began our monthly visits to Aitutaki, and what a success they have proved. Rather than purely desexing clinics, we aim to provide a comprehensive veterinary service to the cats, pigs and goats there. We now have an established routine for clinic days and believe that 2023 will continue to show the benefits of routine veterinary services. Thanks Steph, Vicky, Yvonne and Winnie for your help.

Mangaia and Atiu had desexing clinics, with a good number of animals desexed and treated for parasites in both islands. We took the opportunity during these visits to provide health and welfare advice and assistance. Our deep thanks to the Island Council in Mangaia and Atiu, and to the people and businesses who worked so hard to assist us during our clinics.

This past week we got the most fantastic news. We received a grant from the New Zealand High Commission to assist in running clinics in the Southern Group Islands in 2023. Once again, we are honoured and humbled, by this support. We will work very hard to justify your trust in us.

One company has provided so much support, so much practical help that they must be mentioned. Air Rarotonga have been a constant supporters of our work in Aitutaki and the Pa Enua. We are so grateful, and are profoundly glad that we have such a wonderful company providing transport services in the Cook Islands.

On a personal note, thanks to Sarah, Virginia, Lorraine and Pip for all the work they have done. Thanks to Trish and the Board for your support and faith. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered with us, everyone who made a donation. Thanks to Mata (Junior) for all his help and advice. Thanks to Te Marama, Cecelia and the staff at Agriculture. And thank you to everyone for caring for your animals.

Merry Christmas