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Saturday 30 September 2023 | Written by Losirene Lacanivalu | Published in Features, Food, Go Local


Offering ‘affordable’ VIP experience

A newly opened bar offering ‘affordable’ VIP experience, vibrant atmosphere, amazing cocktails and food has taken the Rarotonga patrons by storm.

Cococktail Rarotonga, which has been in operation for over a month, held its inauguration event this week. The establishment at Black Rock in Nikao offers perfect surroundings for its patrons, who can enjoy their cocktails, food, and mingle against a backdrop of a stunning sunset.

Touted as an affordable VIP experience, Cococktail Rarotonga has a vibrant atmosphere.

Owner Jean-Luc and partner Sylvie hosted around 100 people, including staff members and business community representatives, at the inauguration event on Tuesday evening.

Australian High Commissioner to the Cook Islands, Phoebe Smith with Cococktail Rarotonga owner Jean-Luc. 23092918

Jean-Luc, who has been in Rarotonga for more than 10 years and holds a permanent residency, said the turnout was good and was glad to see the support from many business people.

Jean-Luc believes in creativity, and Cococktail Rarotonga was something they wanted to showcase to guests and the local people as a different experience from what was already being offered on the island.

The name Cococktail is a combination of more than 50 cocktails made by their cocktail master, and “Coco” simply means coconut.

With well-trained staff, taking care of their customers is Cococktail’s top priority.

Greg Stanaway and Cococktail Rarotonga owner Jean-Luc. 23092944

“I train my staff for that because I want the people to get a special VIP experience that is affordable, but a real VIP experience, and to be treated like VIPs.”

Cococktail Rarotonga has two separate VIP lounges, one for business purposes and the other for private meetings called the Boudour Salone. It is made affordable for VIP members who have to pay a membership fee for a year and are provided with some privacy and special meal and cocktail services.

Cococktail staff Raj Deo serves a drink to guests. 23092912

Jean-Luc said that for five years he tried to find a place in Rarotonga with a stunning view, so he could provide something different to visitors and locals.

“I think this is one of the best places on the island, the view, the location. What I finally did with it can be seen when you come to experience Cococktail.”