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12 compete for Te Mire Atu Composer of the Year

Wednesday 20 March 2024 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Entertainment, Features


12 compete for Te Mire Atu Composer of the Year
Kairua Roimata Mataio has always loved singing and was proud to win the Mire Atu composer of the year competition in 2020. Photo: KATRINA TANIRAU. 20122005

In celebration of original Cook Islands compositions, 12 upcoming and experienced song writers will be battling in the esteemed Tauranga Vananga Ministry of Cultural Development Te Mire Atu Composer of the Year competition next week.

Kairua Roimata Mataio is thrilled to be participating in the event for the third time.

Mataio won the top award in 2020 and placed third last year.

“The main thing is I’m part of the event and I’m so happy to represent my island people of Rakahanga. It’s exciting to see new people join in as well,” said Mataio.

“I have always enjoyed writing songs ever since I was little, I can write and tune a song.

“But, I can’t and don’t know how to play musical instrument, I find instruments really challenging.”

Mataio sings his composition to the musicians to become familiar with the song.

He first participated in Te Mire Atu purely to ensure his home island was represented.

The lyrics of the song presented in the competition must be in Cook Islands Māori – Ei au tuatua Māori Kuki ’Airani anake to te ’imene.

Only one song will be permitted per composer and can be performed by either the composer or a singer of the composer’s choice.

Te Mire Atu will be hosted at The Edgewater Resort and Spa on Wednesday, March 27.

Limited seats are available. For the live show and restaurant dining, tickets are $75, and for the big screen view and beach dining, $50.

Contact Tauranga Vananga on phone 20725 for more information.

The 2024 Te Mire Atu composers are: Pastor Kapao Kapao, Pastor Ngarima George, Roimata Kairua Mataio, Sarah Ake Frederick, Corina Mose, Rangi “Nani” Tutaka-Tatuava, Junior Ruarau, Lawrencia William, Loti-Babe Mateariki, Thomas Peyroux, Salo Rasmussen and Teina Tearii.