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Wednesday 7 February 2024 | Written by Melina Etches | Published in Church Talk, Features


Join the World Day of Prayer movement
In 2023, the World Day of Prayer was held at the SDA church in Takuvaine. SUPPLIED/24020515

World Day of Prayer is a global movement led by Christian women from various denominations in over 200 countries who gather in one another's churches to celebrate, using a Worship Service prepared by women of a different country each year.

Each year on the first Thursday in March, Cook Islands Women’s Christian Church groups throughout the country join a worldwide movement of Christian women to observe a day of prayer ‘Te Ra Pueanga Maata a te Vainetini o Teianei Ao’ (Women’s World Day of Prayer).

President Luduina Tearikivaine Hoff-Williams said this year Palestine is the host country of the World Day of Prayer; their theme is ‘Beg You – Bear with One Another in Love’ - WDP Committee of Palestine.

Next year, the Cook Islands will be hosting Te Ra Pueanga Maata a te Vainetini o Teianei Ao.

In the lead up to next year, Hoff -Williams said their committee have completed and published a World Prayer Day 40 paged book.

This Thursday 8 February, a special edition of the World Day of Prayer Book for 2025 will be launched at the Islander Hotel at 6pm.

“We started writing this book last year and we now have it completed,” said Hoff-Williams.

“Our book will be launched this Thursday and we would like to invite all the women to come along and join us.”

Katie Reimer, the Executive Director for the World Day of Prayer International Committee from New York who arrives today (Tuesday), will also be the key note speaker at the event.

Te Ra Pueanga Maata a te Vainetini o Teianei Ao committee members are: President - Luduina Tearikivaine Hoff-Williams, Vice President - Sharon Iro, Secretary - Sharon Connal, Treasurer – Poko Tuariki, executives - Teresa Tutai – Apostolic Church, Cathy McLean from the Latter-Day Saints, Odile Urirau from the Catholic Diocese, Sharon Iro - Seventh Day Adventist, Poko Tuariki – CICC.

Please call the Islander Hotel to make your booking for dinner and witness the book launch, the two-course meal is $30 per person.