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11 November 2022

Church talk: Where have they taken the Lord?

Saturday 30 March 2024 | Written by Supplied | Published in Church Talk, Features


Church talk: Where have they taken the Lord?
An image from the Bible Videos depicts Jesus Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene after His Resurrection. Matthew Reier/24032891

The discovery of Jesus’ empty tomb by Mary Magdalene and others leads to confusion and a race for answers, but ultimately strengthens their faith through the women’s testimony and the risen Lord’s appearance to Mary, writes Reverend Vakaroto Ngaro of the Takamoa Theological College.

Alas! The stone is rolled away and they have taken the Lord. Whereto? The women were clueless.

It was the latest news from Mary Magdalene and also those who were with her. She and the other women, came to the tomb to complete the morning ritual of embalming the body, not knowing what to expect.

On this first day of the week, the morning of the resurrection, the women feared what they saw, they couldn’t even believe what they were seeing.

Mary, Peter and John reacted differently, trying to comprehend what they were witnessing. Peter believed what he heard. John believed what he saw. There were also the interrogations from within, “Where have they taken the Lord?” and “What have they done to him?”

It was a morning of frustration and confusion. While news quickly spread, the question remained: how did they break through security? The sepulcher was heavily guarded, and a huge stone blocked the entrance.

No one ever thought of the divine act of God. Where is the balance here?

Early in the morning three people were racing back and forth reporting and in search of answers. Mary’s race was twice run: from the tomb to the disciples and from the disciples to the tomb. Likewise, Peter also to the tomb and straight inside as he wanted to be the first one there. He saw everything and was confused. Prior to this episode, he denied the Lord three times, he was not there on crucifixion day and he never saw the Lord being laid to rest.

John, also in search of the truth, ran his own race and upon arrival, he stooped, looked inside, he saw the linen wrapping but did not go in. He was reminded of what the Lord had told them prior to His death, that He will die and on the third day, will rise again. Besides that, this was the last image he saw, of the Lord, before the tomb was closed and sealed. Now, he is seeing the same image, the truth. Being fully convinced, he entered and testified: He believed what he saw. This is faith.

There was also the psychological side of things. Mary stayed outside trying to understand the logic until she felt the touch of the resurrected Lord. The comforting words from the Lord: “I AM.” It was a renewal of strength for Mary grasping the truth upon which the gospels hang.

The question arises – why in heaven’s name did he reveal himself to the women to go and relate the message. This testimony of the women to whom Jesus entrusted the entire gospel remained the undeniable truth. “Wherever this gospel is preached, so is this woman’s service”.

Therefore, each time we talk about Easter, we are also reminded of the resurrected Lord who unveiled to us the essence of faith. The words of the Psalmist are true when he said: “For thou will not leave my soul in hell, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption (Psalm 16:10)

May the Joy of the Resurrected Lord be yours to celebrate. Shalom.