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Rugby Union

Bigger and busier 2023: PM

31 December 2022

Rugby league

Moana target 2025 World Cup

11 November 2022



Age no barrier for 65-year-old Vaka Eiva competitor

A 65-year-old Hawaii-based woman who has returned to Rarotonga to compete in the Vaka Eiva for the first time in 13 years says she will be paddling “until I’m dead”.

Church Talk

Sovereignty, authority and the highest expression of God’s love

I’ve been pondering again, the events that took place in the Garden of Eden and God’s plan and intention, revealed in verses 26 to 28 of the first chapter of Genesis; writes Pastor Paul Kauri of Arepua Church.

Antique English clock returned home

Resting magnificently in its timeless beauty on a brand new cabinet in the Makea Karika Ariki palace is the long-lost antique English made clock.


Experience history, culture and a grand feast with Highland Paradise

An experience you would not forget. This is what many would say after returning and experiencing the unique and authentic cultural presentation at Highland Paradise.


Christianity brought new hope, new dreams and new prosperity

Historian and author Howard Henry has been fascinated by the birth of Christianity in the Cook Islands for many years. In a weekly series, Henry chronicles the arrival of Christianity to the Cook Islands and its role in building the nation. In his final article, he talks about the impact of Christianity in the Cook Islands.


Broadcaster continues to champion Cooks culture

Cook Islander Kevin Dando moved to Australia with his family over two decades ago in search of new opportunities and a fresh start. His passion for keeping Cook Islands culture and identity alive remains strong. He chats with Losirene Lacanivalu.


Historic images highlight Cook Islands’ journey to self-government

The Cook Islands High Commission in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand commemorated the nation’s 58th anniversary of self-government on Constitution Day with a captivating celebration which transported viewers back in time.


Church talk: Living by faith

The scriptures teach us what faith is, and the prophets direct us in whom we should have faith. However, when we are faced with the challenges and trials of life, we can often question our faith and turn to rely solely on the wisdom of man, writes Tamatoa Jonassen of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Church Talk

Showcasing vibrant culture at Punanga Nui Market

After a tough few years wading through the effects of the Covid pandemic, Rarotonga’s Punanga Nui Market is once again a hive of activity, particularly on a Saturday.


Cook Islanders in Hawaii help with relief efforts

Hawaiians residing on Rarotonga are devastated by the loss of lives and destruction of historic sites and friends’ properties in the wildfires that have ravaged Lahaina, Hawaii.


Cook Islands’ seabed mining ambitions unaffected by ISA failure to adopt rules

Cook Islands’ ambition to mine its seabed in the future is ‘unaffected’ by the failure to adopt rules on deep sea mining at a recent international meeting. However, an environment group warns the country against jumping ahead of the work that is still to be concluded.


Call the expert: South Pacific Canvas Limited: Bespoke canvas manufacturing in Rarotonga

South Pacific Canvas Limited has been busy providing the bespoke manufacture of goods for six and half years. With the use of durable, U.V resistant, fire-retardant PVC, vinyl and fabrics, they can supply a well-made and long-lasting product that will go the distance.


Author finds inspiration in Pacific paradise

A new children’s book takes readers on a thrilling journey through the tropical paradise of Rarotonga.


Vaka Paikea’s challenging sail home

After two months in Samoa and 15 challenging days at sea voyaging back home, Vaka Paikea arrived at Te Ava Tapu marae Avana harbour on July 22, relieved, safe, and sound.



Historic timepiece returns to Rarotonga after 90 years

In a remarkable turn of events, the long-lost ‘Bledisloe Clock’ has finally found its way back to Rarotonga, after 90 astonishing years.


Saving the best for last!

The annual Te Maeva Nui festival, in showcasing the nation’s unique culture, also provided a platform for friendly competition, and top performances.


Te Maeva Nui awards recognise dedication and hard work of participating teams

The vibrant and culturally significant Te Maeva Nui festival, showcasing the rich heritage and traditions, reached its peak on Thursday – the last night of performances – at Te Are Karioi Nui National Auditorium.


Te Maeva Nui brings out the best in cultural performances

The thrilling and absolutely spectacular ura pau (drum dance) by Te Fuinga o Niva, the combined Manihiki and Rakahanga team, demonstrated that Te Maeva Nui brings out the best and biggest cultural performances.


‘Ueata – catching shadows: Early photography in the Cook Islands

Photography came relatively early to the Cook Islands thanks to some missionary amateurs. The Mangaians had a word for it – ‘ueata, “capturing shadows”, writes Rod Dixon.


Christianity lands on Mangaia

Historian and author Howard Henry has been fascinated by the birth of Christianity in the Cook Islands for many years. In a weekly series, Henry chronicles the arrival of Christianity to the Cook Islands and its role in building the nation. In this article, he talks about the arrival of Christianity on Mangaia.


Church Talk: Celebrating God, who shaped our nation

Last week people from all around New Zealand and Australia arrived in numbers for the celebration of the 200 years since the arrival of the Gospel to the Cook Islands, writes Pastor Eric Toleafoa from the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Church Talk

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