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Bigger and busier 2023: PM

31 December 2022

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Moana target 2025 World Cup

11 November 2022



Karioi – the pleasure months

There was a time when Cook Islanders lived and worked in closer harmony with the seasons and enjoyed significantly more leisure time. Summer holidays lasted several months during which young people dedicated themselves to pleasure. By Rod Dixon.


Age no barrier for 65-year-old Vaka Eiva competitor

A 65-year-old Hawaii-based woman who has returned to Rarotonga to compete in the Vaka Eiva for the first time in 13 years says she will be paddling “until I’m dead”.

Pukapuka defies odds at Te Maeva Nui

Pukapuka Nassau will be hitting the stage at next week’s Te Maeva Nui culture festival with spirited “girl power”.


Puaikura pays tribute to Tinomana Enuarurutini Ariki and Papeiha

Vaka Puaikura celebrated 200 years of Christianity Arrival to Arorangi with the unveiling of stone carved monuments and vibrant culture on Tuesday afternoon.

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Papeiha descendants proud of Tahitian missionary’s legacy

Tinomana Tokerau Ariki e tana Tama Ū’ā te Kauariki Rangi and Ekalesia Arorangi e te Vaka Puaikura held a thanksgiving service and special monument unveiling at the Arorangi Cook Islands Christian Church yesterday morning to celebrate the bicentennial arrival of Christianity.


Hundreds gather to mark 200 years of Christianity in Rarotonga

The re-enactment of the arrival of Tahitian missionaries Papeiha and Vainehino and Rarotongan Te-Iro, returning from Aitutaki, to Avarua harbour 200 years ago on July 25, 1823, kicked off the Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC) festivities yesterday morning.

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Mitiaro celebrates 200 years of Christianity with week of festivities

Celebrations on Mitiaro continue following the 200-year commemoration of the Gospel on Saturday.

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Dinning guide: Sizzling Sunday Grill is back!

Indulge, sit back and unwind for a delightful dining experience, inside, beachside or poolside, at the Muri Beach Club Hotel’s SilverSands Restaurant.


Raro to re-enact Gospel arrival

Rarotonga will celebrate 200 years of Christianity today starting with a re-enactment scene of the time when Reverend John Williams of the London Missionary Society (LMS) sighted Rarotonga on July 25, 1823, in his bid to bring the Gospel to the island.

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Puaikura to celebrates Bicentennial arrival of the Gospel with grand feast

Vaka Puaikura has been hard at work preparing for today’s Bicentennial “Arrival of the Gospel” celebrations in their district of Arorangi.

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Local hot sauce gets overseas rating

Paul’s Raro Hot Sauce is bringing together a love of all things chilli and a desire to put hot sauce from our little island on the overseas market.


Nukuroa and Akatokamanava commemorate 200 years of Gospel

People from all walks of life attended the Mitiaro/Nukuroa and Mauke/Akatokamanava Bicentennial “Te Arikianga o te Evangelia – the Arrival of Christianity” celebrations over the weekend.

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‘Holistic’ approach to strengthening, improving healthcare in Cook Islands

There is a new private medical clinic on Rarotonga. Holistic Medical provides a full range of general practice, minor accident and medical services for the community.


The ‘Ekalesia of Rarotonga’ is established

Historian and author Howard Henry has been fascinated by the birth of Christianity in the Cook Islands for many years. In a weekly series, Henry chronicles the arrival of Christianity to the Cook Islands and its role in building the nation. In this article, he talks about the major epidemics that killed thousands and the establishment of the Ekalesia of Rarotonga.

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‘Cherished memories’: NZ-born CI artist celebrates 20 years exhibiting in Rarotonga

The latest exhibition of New Zealand-born Cook Islands artist Sylvia Marsters will serve as a retrospective on the 20 years she has been visiting and exhibiting her paintings in her ‘ancestral home’.


Rejoicing in the Gospel: Mitiaro and Mauke set to celebrate Bicentennial

Several hundred people are expected to attend the Bicentennial ‘Te Arikianga o te Evangelia – the Arrival of Christianity’ to the respective islands of Mitiaro/Nukuroa and Mauke/Akatokamanava this weekend.

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Atiu celebrates Gospel Bicentennial

The island of Atiu this week kicked off Nga Pu Toru’s ‘Te Arikianga o te Evangelia – Arrival of the Gospel Bicentennial’ celebrations.

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Bank continues as platinum sponsor of Te Maeva Nui

Te Maeva Nui, the biggest cultural national festival which commemorates independence and celebrates our vibrant culture, has received another major support.


Journal featuring writings of Aitutakian Missionary donated to National Library

Authors Kevin and Mary Salisbury have had the great privilege of following in the tracks of a “wonderful” Aitutakian author Rau, one of the very first Cook Islands missionaries in Papua New Guinea who wrote in his own language about the first four years of the London Missionary Society (LMS) during his time.


Atiu’s Gospel : Bicentennial celebrations witness harmonious blend of tradition, faith

Before the break of dawn, the island of Atiu or Enuamanu rose to the drums of the tangi kaara signalling the beginning of the official ceremonial events to commemorate the 200-year anniversary of Te Arikianga o te Evangelia, the arrival of Christianity in 1823.

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New Zealand beauty pageant winner set to visit Rarotonga

The newly crowned Miss New Zealand Georgia Waddington will be visiting Rarotonga later this month, and her host is hoping to capitalise on her wide social media following to promote the island destination.


Atiu marks Te Arikianga o te Evangelia –200 years of Christianity

Two centuries ago on July 19, 1823, the Gospel made its way to the shores of Enuamanu/Atiu, forever changing the lives and culture of its people.

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