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11 November 2022

Cook Islands Assembly of God celebrates 50 years of faith

Tuesday 2 April 2024 | Written by Solomone Taukei | Published in Church Talk, Features


Cook Islands Assembly of God celebrates 50 years of faith
Cook Islands Assembly of God general superintendent Pastor Paul Kauri, middle, with Health Minister Rose Toki-Brown, left, and other worshippers at the Arepua Gateway Church. AREPUA GATEWAY CHURCH /24040106

The Cook Islands Assembly of God (AOG) church is marking a monumental milestone – 50 years of operation within the Cook Islands.

AOG Cook Islands general superintendent Pastor Paul Kauri has passionately declared: “This anniversary is not just a mere counting of years but a testament to God’s Goodness and Grace. It is a year of Restored, Recompense and Reset.”

“In a remarkable alignment,” Pastor Kauri continues, “This year happens to be a leap year in both the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars, as if God were calling us to more than just a walk by faith, but rather to Leap in Faith!”

“This 50th year also serves as our Year of Jubilee for the church. It’s a moving reminder of how God has been faithful in bringing us this far and we are excited as He prepares us for our future.”

Reflecting on the significance of jubilee, Pastor Kauri draws parallels from the Old Testament, emphasising, “The jubilee year brought freedom for those sold into slavery due to debts and restoration for those who had lost their land for the same reason.”

“This principle of Jubilee was established by the word of God through Moses, and there is profound spiritual applications for us today – that what was taken shall be given back, and that we get setup for a new beginning!”

Continuing his reflection, Pastor Kauri underscores the enduring relevance of jubilee in the modern era, stating that it represents not only literal freedom from oppression but also spiritual emancipation.

“Just as the jubilee year brought restoration and renewal to the Israelites, so too does the jubilee anniversary of the Cook Islands AOG church serve as a beacon of hope, proclaiming liberty to the captives, release from darkness with hope for new beginnings.”

In speaking of the faithfulness of God throughout the journey of the church, Pastor Kauri emphasises through trials and triumphs, challenges and victories, God has remained steadfast, guiding and sustaining His people.

“The jubilee celebration is a witness to His faithfulness – a reminder that He who began a good work will carry it on to completion.”

Looking ahead with anticipation, Pastor Kauri states the Jubilee anniversary serves as a catalyst for renewed commitment and dedication to the mission and vision of the church – “to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and to make disciples of all nations”.

“Embrace what God is doing at this moment in this Jubilee, to walk with leaps of faith, to live in freedom, and to proclaim the good news to all. For in doing so, the church fulfils its calling as the body of Christ to be His witnesses to the nations.

With gratitude and hope, the people of the Cook Islands AOG church stand united, celebrating 50 years of freedom and eagerly anticipating the future.

“Truly, this is a jubilee worth celebrating. Honouring our past and celebrating the future God is calling us into and testifying to the faithfulness of God and the power of His redeeming love.”