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Young guns shine bright at touch rugby

Wednesday February 25, 2015 Written by Published in Touch Rugby
Tumeke Smurfs Paul-Luiz Van Eijk stretches out for a try against the Tepuka Brothers with the game ending in a 5-all draw. Tumeke Smurfs Paul-Luiz Van Eijk stretches out for a try against the Tepuka Brothers with the game ending in a 5-all draw.

Youthful flair was all the rage at Nikao field on Monday for the open men’s and women’s touch rugby games.

Today mixed teams return to the field where fun and fitness is always the motive.

In Monday’s open games, a surprise draw was the result of the intense men’s battle between the in-form Tepuka Brothers team and the Tumeke Smurfs.

It was a game of tit-for-tat as the two speedy teams went try for try however neither side could break the deadlock with the match ending in a 5-all draw.

The Tumeke Smurfs then exacted revenge and let out their frustrations on team Manatoa hammering home a 5-0 win.

In other open men’s games, the under 20 rugby team are showing improvements in their fitness edging out the Nukz Power men’s team 4-3.

The young Germinators are slowing grinding away taking each game at a time and on Monday they were made to work hard for their 5-3 win against the equally talented Da Boyz team with Peter Tare and Adyn Aunguna working well together to get their team across the line.

In the women’s division, the Bounty Hunters have found their form again thrashing the Lifters 8-2 with young Teiti Tupuna causing havoc on the field as she carved up for the Bounty Hunters.

A battle and a half, with much vocal instructions from the side line, was seen in the clash between Nukz Power and Southcoast.

Both sides boasted plenty of speedy youngsters. However it was the cool heads of experienced players that controlled the game with Pare Tangata leading the way for the young Southcoast team and Sunielia Tom organising her young players and guiding them to a 5-2 win.

Today’s mixed division games will see team Tapeez play twice with their first game kicking off at 5pm against the conservationists from NES and their second game will be again communication specialists TCI.

All are welcome to check out the touch rugby action at Nikao field kicking off at 5pm today.  

Today’s draw – 5pm on field one Tapeez vs NES, 5pm on field two Mongoose vs MFEM, 5.40pm on field one ICI vs Nukz Power, 5.40pm on field two Aroa Bay vs Southcoast Scorpions, 6.20pm on field one TCI vs Tapeez, 6.20pm on field two Bench Warmers vs 007.  

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