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Puaikura and Avatiu evenly matched

Monday November 11, 2019 Written by Published in Soccer
Avatiu fights to hold possession, faced by Puaikura tacklers. 19111006 Avatiu fights to hold possession, faced by Puaikura tacklers. 19111006

Big crosses set up goals for men; Puaikura women come back on the rebound to draw.


 Equally matched, the Avatiu and Puaikura premier men and senior women fought a hard battle during their Saturday match up at Raemaru park.

Puaikura kicked things off early scoring from a free kick out wide by the goal line.

Puaikura’s Albert Taru delivered in a well weighed out cross into the box from the free kick for his teammate Paul Poila.

Paul was making his run towards the ball when he leapt into the air and tapped the ball past the keeper. The first half ended with one goal to nil.

The second half commenced a little slower than expected and possession was more central.

A few counter attacks came about but they were quickly shut down by both defences.

Later in the half the Avatiu midfield lobbed a ball behind the Puaikura defense. Avatiu winger Edward Nga ran onto the ball and blasted the ball past Puaikura’s goalkeeper bringing the final score to a 1-1 draw.

The senior women’s match was also a well contested match which saw the sides draw 1-1. Both goals came early in the first half, Avatiu’s being scored within the first 10 minutes and Puaikura’s an almost immediate reply.

Avatiu’s Tepaeru Ngaroi received the ball out wide and attempted a long shot at goal. The ball hit the crossbar and went in.

Puaikura’s equaliser came from a penalty which Valna Remuera took. Her first shot was blocked by the keeper but she managed to finish it the second time when she slotted the ball in from the rebound.


Puaikura v Avatiu

Premier Men 1-1

Senior Women 1-1

U-17 Men’s 7-1

U14 Boys 5-1

U14 Girls 2-0

U11 Mixed 1-0

U9 Mixed 1-2

U7 Mixed 0-0


Nikao Sokattak v Titikaveka

Premier Men 12-0

Senior Women 0-0

U14 Boys 1-3

U14 Girls 1-0

U11 Mixed 1-1

U9 Mixed 7-1

U7 Mixed 1-0


Tupapa Maraerenga v Matavera-Ngatangiia

Premier Men 9-0

Senior women 5-0

U-17 Men 14-0

U14 Boys 13-0

U-14 Girls 0-0

U11 Mixed 3-1

U9 Mixed 8-0

U7 Mixed 4-1

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