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Big battle at Raemaru Park

Saturday October 27, 2018 Written by Published in Soccer
Competition leaders Tupapa take on close rivals Puaikura today at Raemaru Park. 18102531 Competition leaders Tupapa take on close rivals Puaikura today at Raemaru Park. 18102531

Round 11 of the Van’s Premier Men’s division looks set to start off today with a cracker of a game when top-of-the-table Tupapa Maraerenga take on second-place Puaikura. With 9 points separating both teams the winner will secure a psychological victory heading into the last few rounds of the competition.

It is a perfect chance for Tupapa Maraerenga to stretch their lead and dent the hopes of their closest pursuer Puaikura.

Puaikura is a formidable side. Physically challenging and combined with skills and endurance, it can really test their opponents.

Pekay Edwards, Conroy and Dwayne Tiputoa are the main threats for the home side, in a crucial contest for two sides chasing higher honours.

For the visitors, Geosah George, and Grover Harmon maintain their consistent goal-scoring feats which make them a threat across the park.

Both sides are famed for their defensive capabilities, so it will be interesting to see which can open the other up in the attacking third. All eyes will be on key players from both teams.

No doubt Tupapa Maraerenga would like to continue their winning form and get another win in against Puaikura.

Make sure you head down to witness the battle of the leaderboard this afternoon at Raemaru Park. Don’t miss out on what is going to be a thriller of a game!

In the other premier men’s match up today Avatiu will host Matavera at the Avatiu sports field.              - CIFA Media

Referee appointments:

Saturday at the Avatiu Field.

Avatiu FC vs Matavera FC

12.30pm, Under 14 Girls. Ref: Robert Savage, Assist: Emilie Pierce, Robert. J. Savage;

1.30pm, Under 14 Boys, Ref: Lai Gukisuva, Assist: Robert. J. Savage, Pierce Iripa;

2.30pm, Senior Women, Ref: Robert Savage, Assist: Emilie Pierce, Dora Iripa;

4.00pm, Premier Men, Ref: Lai Gukisuva, Assist: Tehainnah Tatuava, Dora Iripa.

Puaikura FC vs Tupapa Maraerenga FC at the Raemaru Park, Arorangi.

12.30pm, Under 14 Girls, Ref: Mata Iroa, Assist: Amene Urirau, Tione Nand;

1.30pm, Under 14 Boys, Ref: Kura Smith, Assist: Tione Nand, Amene Urirau;

2.30pm, Senior Women, Ref: Mata Iroa, Assist: Edmund Tupuna, Noel Mani;

4.00pm, Premier Men, Ref: John Pareanga, Assist: Noel Mani, Tupou Patia.

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