Exciting finish to 2017 Vaka Iti

Wednesday April 12, 2017 Written by Published in Paddling
The under-16 mixed teams pushing their way through. 17041128 The under-16 mixed teams pushing their way through. 17041128

Six teams battled in the 2017 BSP Vaka Iti competition at Vaiana’s, Nikao lagoon on Monday.


Araura College from Aitutaki and Rarotonga-based Tereora College, Nukutere College, Titikaveka College, Te Uki Ou and Imanuela competed for the top prizes in the Under-12, U14, U16 and U19 200-metres sprint events.

In the feature U19 boys’ competition, Dat Team from Tereora finished on top in 43.65 seconds followed by Easter Bunnies, also of Tereora, on 48.26s and Stiff Boyz (Araura) in third with a time of 54.25s.

In the U19 girls’ competition, Team Ohana of Imanuela managed the top prize after clocking 56.76s.

How Bout Dat (Araura) managed the second spot on 1.08:59 minutes followed by Ultimate Juvenile (Tereora) on 1.13:05 mins.

Cook Islands Canoeing Association said about 300 paddlers took part in the annual juniors’ event which was held under perfect weather conditions.


Mixed: U12: Motion of the Ocean (Te Uki Ou) – 1.09:16 minutes, Crazy Coconuts (Te Uki Ou) – 1.10:91 mins, Paddle Punishers (Te Uki Ou) – 1.17:13 mins; U14: Killer Bees (Nukutere) – 1.03.53 mins, ILateerz (Araura) – 1.04:81 mins, Wild Thing (Nukutere) – 1.05:09 mins; U16: Maki Maki (Nukutere) – 51.08 seconds, Maki that Thing (Nukutere) – 53.08s, Water Babes (Tereora) – 1.01:47 mins; U19: Dis Team (Tereora) – 51.34s, Catch You Up (Araura) – 53.92s, Jamaican me Crazy (Tereora) – 55.67s; U12 Girls: Mighty Mermaids (Te Uki Ou) – 1.15:65 mins, 6 Legged Octopus (Te Uki Ou) – 1.17:15 mins, Whistling (Te Uki Ou) – 1.36:76 mins; U12 Boys: Taniwhas (Te Uki Ou) – 1.12:84 mins, Creepers (Te Uki Ou) – 1.16:53 mins, Speedy Sharks (Te Uki Ou) – 1.20:57 mins; U14 Girls: USO (Nukutere) – 1.11:63 min, Vixens (Te Uki Ou) – 1.12:38 mins, TMNT (Nukutere) – 1.13:66 mins; U14 Boys: #007 (Nukutere) – 55.86s, Stop it (Titikaveka) – 1.00:53 mins, Mata Manga (Araura) – 1.04:22 mins; U16 Girls: Aphodity (Imanuela) – 48,59s, Smelly Jelly Belly (Titikaveka) – 50.70s, Hula Babes (Nukutere) – 53.03s; U16 Boys: Young Guns (Nukutere) – 48.59s, Da Beasts (Tereora) – 50.70s, Team Hopwood (Tereora) – 53.03s; U19 Girls: Team Ohana (Imanuela) – 56.76s, How bout dat (Araura) – 1.08:59 mins, Ultimate Juvenile (Tereora) – 1.13:05 mins; U19 Boys: Dat Team (Tereora) – 43.65s, Easter Bunnies (Tereora) – 48.26s, Stiff Boyz (Araura) – 54.25s. 

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