Paddling’s bright future

Friday November 25, 2016 Written by Published in Paddling
Paddling’s bright future

Local junior oe vaka paddlers have put on some skilful displays on the water in this year’s Mapu Oe Vaka regatta in the Matson Vaka Eiva 2016 Festival.


Junior paddlers from across Aotearoa and the island are pictured here at their beach fun day event in Muri before the junior division’s prize giving.

Impressive oe vaka skills by local junior paddling enthusiasts, who were no stranger to the podium in this year’s event, are largely due to the ongoing paddling development programmes run through locals clubs and work by local club officials.

Yesterday was a chance for the future stars of oe vaka to let their paddles down and enjoy some relaxing and fun times ahead of what is set to be another packed schedule of junior paddling events next year. 

Meanwhile adult paddlers will compete in the final race of the Matson Vaka Eiva 2016 festival the mixed round Raro relay race for the Bob Worthington Memorial trophy starting at 8am.

            - Matariki Wilson

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