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Motorists toot and give cash to support Black Pearls

Monday September 16, 2019 Written by Published in Netball

More than 200 club netballers and supporters took to the road early Saturday morning for a run-a-thon to raise funds for upcoming netball campaigns – as well as using the run as extra training.


Motorists heading to town for their weekend shopping showed their support of netball dropping money into the collections bowls and honking their horns in extra support.

Next month the national netball team will head to Singapore to defend their M1 championship titles and funds raised from the run-a-thon and hard and fast walking netball in Arorangi will go towards the team’s preparation expenses.

Members of the fundraising effort declared unofficially that over $5000 was raised and anyone wanting to contribute can do so by contacting your local netball club.

The Cooks head into the Singapore tournament ranked 12th in the world and the aim is to maintain this and their number one ranking in the Pacific.

Junior netters led the way in the walking netball with the quick but fun event helping the juniors get extra training in ahead of the Netball in Paradise here in Rarotonga in November. 

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