Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals are remarks and observations that range from the serious to the sarcastic. Typically anonymous, these quips capture the community's notes on life and events in the Cooks, or what's echoing over the Coconut Wireless. Smoke Signals and interesting island photos can be sent by email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or text to 188, or call the newsroom on 22999.

Smoke Signals

Tuesday May 08, 2018

Here’s how government could use those spare millions

Smoke Signals - 03/05/2018

Thursday May 03, 2018


Tepaki’s the man to make our future really great...


Monday April 23, 2018

Slow drivers need to use a bit of courtesy

Something needs to be done about the driving attitude on this island.

Smoke signals 20/04/2018

Friday April 20, 2018

A question of money…

After all the rain and flooding, now’s the time for PM Puna to do an inspection of the roads on Rarotonga, a smoke signaller says. “But try a motorbike this time and my advice wear a helmet: it’s a pothole minefield!”

Smokies - 18/04/2018

Wednesday April 18, 2018


In discussions with a fellow petitioner to parliament regarding Te Mato Vai, a question was raised regarding the lack of costings for the project. What would our three local banks think about lending on an application to finance a project of this magnitude? The application would read something like this: “It will be roughly $30 million for the ring main and another $34 million for stage two. A total of $64 million. (These figures are estimates only; we will know the real costs after we start the project).”


What is the outcome of these ridiculous claims by Wilkie Rasmussen regarding George Pitt?  Have the police completed their investigation? After all the media hype surrounding this much-publicised incident, nothing comes of it?

SS: Our repeated questions on this subject have met with silence. It is strongly rumoured however, that Pitt is, or has been, advising some factions of the Democratic Party.


Congrats to all the Tereora College teams that competed in the cultural festival competition at the Auditorium last Thursday night. However, in the spirit of fairness, in the future, please don’t select judges who are directly helping the teams in the competition which is what happened at the auditorium. If judges are helping a particular team, then they should not be allowed to judge when their team is performing to show fairness to everyone. Otherwise it puts other teams at a disadvantage and will destroy the hard work and effort that has been put into the performance by the other groups. On a positive note, it is good to see that our culture is still alive.


I was walking along the footpath on the way to the market on the lagoon side the other day when I nearly got run into by a very fast local cyclist coming at top speed from behind. I then had to move over as several tourist cyclists came towards me on the same footpath.  This is happening more regularly than ever before and since the tourist season will be starting in earnest soon, I think signs should be put up to say this is not a cycle track!


Early in the first term of government the then police minister (Henry Puna), imposed a speed restriction in the area of Muri. There has been very little by way of enforcement of this restriction (by traffic authorities and little radar or checkpoints). However, the condition of the road throughout Muri/Titikaveka is such that any speeds above the imposed limit would be hugely detrimental to the integrity of any vehicle.


There is continual rhetoric from the government regarding the condition of Rarotonga’s lagoon waters. However, over the last few years there has been very little actual decision-making as to what remedial works or causes of the problems are required, to correct the unhealthy situation.


When school resumes next year, let’s hope the students get a good talking to about the need to take care on the roads when they ride their bicycles. Some elementary knowledge of the road rules and the need for common sense, might be helpful. Doing wheel stands, weaving all over the road and not bothering to look before riding on to busy roads, isn’t conducive to a long life.


Wednesday April 11, 2018

Police taken to task over lack of emergency resources

Smoke Signals

Monday April 09, 2018

‘Fowl’ smell makes market visit a rotten ordeal


Friday March 09, 2018

Who’s catching what?

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