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Smoke Signals are remarks and observations that range from the serious to the sarcastic. Typically anonymous, these quips capture the community's notes on life and events in the Cooks, or what's echoing over the Coconut Wireless. Smoke Signals and interesting island photos can be sent by email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or text to 188, or call the newsroom on 22999.


Thursday March 01, 2018

Conflicts of interest at passing of tax amnesty bill

Holiday homes for visiting elderly

Friday February 23, 2018

Regarding the viability of retirement homes on Rarotonga, a smoke signaller writes:

Happy tax day

Tuesday February 20, 2018

It’s the 20th today. So happy to be paying about $30,000 in VAT and PAYE to RMD, knowing the politicians will spend it wisely on their travel, and that other businesses who should be paying their share are not. Real happy, NOT.

With Banana Court now closed a smoke signaller wonders how long it has been since Friday-night revellers on Rarotonga didn’t have the option of a drink at the famous nightspot. Can anyone remember a time (apart from during cyclones) when the historic building was closed?

The government has figured out a new way to waste our money.

No crew in sight

Friday February 09, 2018

Under an agreement made with the court, the operators of the ill-fated vessel Tiare Taporo were supposed to provide a crew from New Zealand to sail the ship out of Avatiu harbour whenever it seems likely a cyclone or big storm could strike.

The police keep banging on about how every dog must be registered or they will be shot.

$18 million written off for those outfits that cheated every law abiding citizen of this country before 2010.

How often do your pens stop working before ink is out? More plastic rubbish. School bins see many. If writing by hand, can we encourage the use of pencils instead? Organic waste is a better way to go.

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