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Monday April 09, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

‘Fowl’ smell makes market visit a rotten ordeal


Phoowee! Plenty of talk emanating from the Punanga Nui Market management of the good things soon to come, but in the meantime, what about the dreadful smell emanating from the days-old dead chicken at the entrance to the ladies’ toilets on Saturday. The queue of visitors and locals had no choice but suffer the smell. Let’s hope that management have removed the offending item before the next Saturday influx of toilet-users.


And on the subject of the market: why do we have to be subjected to such an outrageous barrage of noise from the MC when the stage show takes place? There’s no need for such an ear-splitting volume. Whoever is responsible should be aware they could be creating serious hearing problems for masses of people in the future.


Well done James Beer for the open letter to the New Zealand prime minister. Political Reform is something very important that the CIP government has ignored for over eight years. We need political reform more than anything else in this country.


Not so well done Cook Islands government for organising a large party of ministers, heads of ministries and other bureaucrats to go on a week’s visit to New Zealand without first explaining to those paying for it – the taxpayers, what they were up to. Presumably we won’t hear anything about what anyone apart from the PM actually achieved on this ridiculous grandstanding trip.


In spite of the explanations and excuses, the country's National Sustainable Development Goals are not progressing well. So it’s no surprise the acting head of the OPM says it’s all going well. So which is it? Perhaps she could also explain a certain Christmas 2016 motor car accident involving a government vehicle.


I have no issues with selling of food from the national auditorium and also the radiothon last month. It was all for a good cause stimulated by the Mitiaro Committee on Rarotonga. I think it’s the first time the committee has done this sort of thing and it is a good idea for the future. Should misfortune befall any of our people, let us work together. The radionthon opened the doors for everyone to receive similar support from the Mitiaro committee. It was well organised, even to the extent of itiki and flying fish being flown in from Mitiaro. Normally such support from the island has to do with events such as maire maeva nui but it is good to see it extended for individual families on Rarotonga. 


So who has been leaving dead goats’ heads on the beach near George Maggie’s house at Tupapa? A disgusting thing to do.


And who has been leaving live goats wandering on the road on the back road near the prison? A big billy goat and his mate were lying on what’s left of the tar seal, not even bothering to move aside as traffic negotiated around them. Oh well, at least they still had their heads.


The situations vacant column recently ran a job ad for a Superman or Superwoman. A hard-working individual for housekeeping, groundkeeping, plantation cleaning, working as a kitchen hand – general dogsbody. As a bonus this job could also include caring for an elderly woman and running errands.  

Not a lot to ask of one person really! Otherwise known as a slave! Someone else is looking for the worlds cheapest carpenter willing to pay up to … wait for it, $8 an hour!  Time to get real, people.


Where is the head of the Chamber of Commerce be heading with his remarks on radio? I listened to him a while ago and it seems to me he is entering into an area that has no relevance to what his chamber body is supposed to be doing - stimulating local business and helping develop the economy. Here is he talking about access to people’s land, his view with the failure of Te Mato Vai project, his favorite racist issues with immigration, running down the BTIB…the list goes on. Sounds like this particular non-Cook Islander wants the prime minister or the finance minister’s job. Maybe he could apply for a job as plumber with TMV project and learn how to join pipes.


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