Friday March 09, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Who’s catching what?


Can anyone spot anything wrong with this (shortened) PR blurb. “Global food manufacturer Kraft Heinz Company has earned Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) chain of custody certification for its Ocean Naturals skipjack and albacore tuna. The certification for the company’s Ocean Naturals tuna brand, which is marketed to the foodservice sector, demonstrates the company commitment to the sustainability of the fishery, MSC said in a statement. Ocean Naturals skipjack tuna is sourced from the Solomon Islands and island cannery Sol Tuna, while its albacore tuna is sourced from the Cook Islands fishery. ‘This is tuna with not only great sustainability credentials, but also a very rich and compelling story about tuna-dependent island communities catching and producing quality tuna products for the US market’, The Tuna Store chief executive Joe Hamby said.” Mmm…does this mean that Chinese fishermen are now part of our island communities? They’re the ones catching most of the fish.


Recently driving into town, enjoying the atmosphere, I was pulled to the side for speeding on a 30km zone, I’ll admit I did go little over 33km, and was issued a “lucky” ticket, However the ongoing vehicle who drove pass me was way over, reaching a speed of 40km and guess who he was, an off-duty cop. Lucky for some, he wasn’t issued a ticket, just a smile and a wave. Are you cops serious? You can spot other peoples’ mistakes, when you let your own slip away. Now we all know how to get rid of fines or penalties: You either have to be a cop or the prime minister.


The pothole situation is getting worse, and while some sealing is apparently in the pipeline for the main road in each village, it seems there will be no respite for those unfortunate people who live on the back road. Perhaps the PM needs to take another trip around the island, this time sticking to the back road, to see exactly what the problem is.


Note to parents – please tell your children that it’s not a good idea to perform wheel stands on their bicycles. That’s especially so when they’re riding on the wrong side of the road and they’re not wearing helmets. Kids will be kids and of course they might just ignore you, but more and more are doing it and they are putting themselves in real danger.


The rousing welcome the New Zealand prime minister has had from Cook Islanders flies in the face of all the nationalistic claptrap we have been subjected to over the last year or two. It seems some of our more prominent citizens are standing on both sides of the fence. Criticise the heck out of our former “colonial masters”, but gladly accept the baubles they hand out when they visit.

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