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Letters are one of the most important parts of the paper because this is where the community has a chance to have its say. All letters to the editor received will generally be published, provided they are not defamatory or are covering exactly the same ground by the same writer.

Non du plume are acceptable, but the name, address and contact details must be provided to the editor.

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Dear Editor,

For 48 years, eight Cook Island prime ministers, from Papa Arapati to Jim Marurai, did not impose tax on pensioners of the Basileia.

Dear Editor,

Promises, promises, promises…

We are all very familiar with pre-election promises for political reform.

Power to the people!

Thursday June 07, 2018

Dear Editor,

In 20 years of discussing political reform in the Cook Islands, no-one has ever seemed to get beyond the thought of cutting some constituencies out and reducing seats.

Dear Editor,

The opening and closing paragraphs in James Beer's response to my call for leadership from a potential alternate government that can articulate an agenda and policies are a parenthesis (brackets) to exactly the point of my original letter.

TMV project stalled by land issues

Wednesday June 06, 2018

Dear Editor,

In Tim Tepaki’s most recent letter to the editor relating to the Te Mato Vai (TMV) project, he asks, “where the project manager, ‘Kupe’, is in all this”.

Dear Editor,

Last week, on Thursday May 31, I had my campaign launch at the Takuvaine Meeting House, which was attended by about 40 people, who with others bought out all the plates of food we had on sale.

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the National Environment Service’s two-page advertisement on May 22.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to CINews to create awareness among those families whose loved ones are buried next to the Catholic Cemetery in Panama.

Happy Nicholas is still running

Tuesday June 05, 2018

Dear Editor,

We are happy to read in the CINews on May 31 that the Cook Islands Party RAPPA candidate, Albert Nicholas, is still running in the general election on June 14, despite his ongoing illness. 

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