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This is my first response to Finance Minister Mark Brown’s vile and contemptuous letter in CINews on Saturday October 28.

I’m disappointed that in her first article after my challenge last week for both parties to show leadership and deal with the electorate numbers issue, the leader of the Democratic Party, Tina Browne, chose to ignore that, perhaps hoping it would go away so she can stand for Rakahanga and its 35 voters in the next election.

I have been told that Papa William is paid from the Democratic Party Opposition office budget to write disparaging letters in the newspaper about the CIP government.

Te tata atu nei au kia koe e te etita o te peapa ite akameitaki ia koe,no te akatanoanga koe i te ingoa o Vaikai Mataiapo Tutara,koia oki ko Sonny R Daniel.Te rua,kua rave ia te uipaanga marama ate Koutu Nui i te ruitoru i topa.

It’s a “no thanks,” from me and many other Cook Islands residents to the continued lunacy of prime minister Henry Puna and Finance minister Mark Brown’s unrelenting demands for a seat at the UN and “the Big Boys Club”.

Monday’s letter writer calling the police flag-raising ceremony to mark the one-year anniversary of the triple shooting in Vaimaanga a farce was spot-on.

I see the police are at it again, holding a flag-raising ceremony for one of the most tragic days in our history (last year’s triple shooting in Vaimaanga).

What are our politicians thinking?

Independence will shut doors

Friday October 20, 2017

For the information of our iti tangata, let’s be clear about our status.

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